Coco Peeps????

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Coco Peeps???? - 06/06/09 08:52 PM

I have been watching critterbin for the coco peeps and never see any. The lady that makes them told me she closed the store over a year ago.

We have decided to make our own but want to make it safe for our glider.

We are going to make a Monkey (coco peep) for our glider.

I would like to know how to put eyes, nose, ears and hair on?

I know you cannot use glue because it is not safe. So what could we use to attach these? dunno
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Re: Coco Peeps???? - 06/06/09 09:18 PM

If you drill holes and use "safety eyes" you can snap those on and make them safe. Hair and other appendages will work the same, only with knotted fleece to hold them. thumb
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Re: Coco Peeps???? - 06/06/09 09:35 PM

I never even thought about that, thank you so much. I will be off looking for safety eyes.

I did think about just drilling holes and pulling the fleece in and knotting it. Thank you
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Re: Coco Peeps???? - 06/06/09 09:58 PM

crscraft has great deals on safety eyes. smile
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Re: Coco Peeps???? - 06/07/09 02:51 PM

Amanda, What is the link (web site) to crscraft?

Also where is the best place to buy hollow coconut shells? Link (web site)? Thank you smile
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Re: Coco Peeps???? - 06/07/09 06:52 PM

Here's where I get the eyes for my Mr Munchies:

The eyes I get for my munchies are at LEAST an 18mm, that's about 3/4 of an inch. So, just to give you an idea of how big that is.

I used to have a website that had REALLY cheap coconuts, but I can't find it anymore. frown
Posted By: Chrissy

Re: Coco Peeps???? - 06/08/09 04:40 AM

Like Amanda said, I tie all of the fleece on, and use the acrylic eyes that have posts and insert them through a drilled hole. You can get very creative with that info smile
I buy coconuts at the grocery store and drill and clean, boil and bake them. That way, I know that I'm not passing on any nasties the the gliders. I can't explain exactly how to make them, because i worked hard coming up with and improving on the idea. I emailed someone back once that wanted instructions for HER gliders ONLY and she ended up trying to make them to sell. I will continue to make them, but lately I have been busy being a mom, and don't have the time that it take to get them out there.
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Re: Coco Peeps???? - 06/08/09 07:16 AM

Hm, never even thought about other places using chemicals or any weirdness to clean their cocos. Good thing I never attempted one. roflmao
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Re: Coco Peeps???? - 06/08/09 01:37 PM

Hi Chrissy, we love all your stuff and wish your store was not closed. Your stuff is just awesome!

We have no intention of stealing your idea, we just want to make be creative for our baby.

We have been watching critterbin hoping to find some of your things for sale but then got told that even if we find it be prepared to have some money on hand you will pay $60.00 to $80.00 because everyone wants your coco peeps and cage sets! smile

We do not have that much and I never see them. After I was told this I thought well that explains why I never see them. Sounds like as soon as they get on critterbin they are sold and gone. smile

Now with creating anything, if I create something that has not been done then I would post on here to make sure it is not something someone is already doing. I think that is what most people do when making stuff to sale.

No worries here. smile

We totally understand the time, we have a daughter and I own my own business as well (which we just started last year so no real profit for a couple of years yet). Its hard sometimes having enough time to do everything.

Thanks for all your help and input. I do not want to make something that will hurt our baby.

Is it not safe to buy coconuts from other places that are already hollow? What kind of chemicals and nasties would I need to watch out for? Again thank you

Thanks Amanda for all your help too. I appreciate it. smile
Posted By: Kiiru

Re: Coco Peeps???? - 06/08/09 02:03 PM

Woah...that sounds like a pain in the bum. I'd kill to own a coco-froggy or you know what I want to see? A coco-suggie! Why do you have to be so busy bein a mom, Chrissy? hehe. I'll come babysit! ^-^
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Re: Coco Peeps???? - 06/08/09 11:36 PM

I know right, lol

Chrissy where do you live? It sounds like we all need to come take a turn babysitting for you. lol smile
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