Toys for Chewers?

Posted By: Kage

Toys for Chewers? - 02/21/10 06:10 PM

I was just wandering what is the best things to use for a toy that is for chewers? Would straws be ok for them? I was thinking about making a forager that had more to it for chewers since my girls are.
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Re: Toys for Chewers? - 02/21/10 08:20 PM

One of my girls and my boy like to chew- cheap toys that they love to chew on are straws, milk rings, monkeys (from the barrel of monkeys), small wiffle balls, and branches (suggie safe of course!) and about anything I put in their cage, lol!

I made a foraging toy with the little plastic shot glasses (I melted a hole in the bottom and threaded the fleece through) after they got the food out they demolished the shot glasses. They never eat it- I just find shredded plastic, wood, etc. in the cage. When I first got the girls I had a woodent wheel in their cage, and Karma chewed the sticker off the front of the wheel and shredded it!
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Re: Toys for Chewers? - 02/21/10 08:49 PM

I would intentionally make them toys out of materials that you know are safe for them to chew, like the branches. Plastic toys are *usually* safe with chewers, but you do want to watch them and remove anything that gets worn thin or develops points on it, or shreds in small slivers. Mine are not chewers but if I put a mealworm in a straw, they will get through the straw one way or another. It's always a twisted mess at the bottom of the cage the next morning.
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Re: Toys for Chewers? - 02/22/10 12:28 AM

I have two rescued brothers who chew everything! I finally learned to give them toys that are made of hard plastic of fleece and plastic. Beads, soft toys, craft lace, etc., end up in shreds after one night! I went to a secondhand store and found toddler toys for them.
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Re: Toys for Chewers? - 02/22/10 02:32 AM

Plastic drinking straws

Barrel of monkeys

Milk rings (cut in half)
I find these int he hamster aisle in petsmart. I just throw away the stuffing that comes inside the tube & let them have the tube. It's made of vegetable paper so it's safe for gliders and mine love it. It actually takes them time to destroy it before I have to replace it.

BCChins sells cork bark which is good for chewers also.
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