Toys for Joeys???

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Toys for Joeys??? - 05/03/06 10:53 PM


Anyone know what I can give to my joeys for toys or stuff to climb on?
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Re: Toys for Joeys??? - 05/04/06 03:11 AM

Hi, sorry it's taken so long to answer this.

I've not had any experience with joeys, but would think hammocks and tunnels would be good. Someone with more experience will be along soon.. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Toys for Joeys??? - 05/04/06 03:27 PM

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I'm talking about 3 weeks oop joeys. What size of cage should I have? What toys to stimulate their learning?

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Re: Toys for Joeys??? - 05/04/06 05:22 PM

I think when joeys are that young they are fine with the parents cage. Somepeople have a large hammock towards the bottom of the cage as a soft landing should they fall. But generaly the parents do a great job caring for them and keeping them out of trouble.
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Re: Toys for Joeys??? - 05/04/06 08:37 PM

Thanks again Chaungo for replying.

I guess I forgot to mention they are being hand raised in an incubator. LOL So they are in their own cage.
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Re: Toys for Joeys??? - 05/04/06 08:42 PM

The incubator is where you want to keep them until they are about 6 weeks oop (you'll know when their tails start to get fluffy that they're about ready for a "real" cage). In the meantime, you can give them some stuffed animals to climb on inside the incubator. The incubator should be at least 12dx12hx16w. Hopefully someone else will come along with other ideas for playthings for them. Oh! I bought a small basket at WalMart that was made for the dishwasher to put baby nipples & stuff in. It was made of wire & had a white vinyl coating on it. I turned it upside down & the joeys used it for a jungle gym.
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