Tying rexlace...

Posted By: WintersSong

Tying rexlace... - 11/16/10 01:37 AM

I'm trying to use up some of the rexlace I have laying around, and am having a ridiculous time getting a secure knot.

I know many of you make hanging toy bins using rexlace (and of course other items) -- how do you get the knot secure enough to hold the bin???
Posted By: fox0r

Re: Tying rexlace... - 11/16/10 02:06 AM

I would try using 2-3 strands and knotting them all at the same time, if that makes sense. I'm not sure what other people do, though.
Posted By: Meg_n_Von

Re: Tying rexlace... - 11/16/10 04:00 AM

I have a hard time trying to get that tied too! So, you're not alone, lol... wink
Posted By: nancy1202

Re: Tying rexlace... - 11/16/10 04:01 AM

Try using a square knot... left over right, tightening so it stretches a little, right over left, then repeat. thumb
Posted By: WintersSong

Re: Tying rexlace... - 11/16/10 04:29 AM

I think I'm just incapable of making a proper square knot... mine never seem to stay!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Tying rexlace... - 11/16/10 05:05 AM

I feed the end of mine through a pony bead several times, stretching the lace before each pass through the bead. After a few minutes the lacing will "fatten" back up and make it stick in there pretty darn tight! I have even had to start over a few times when I miscounted beads, but couldn't get the lace back out of the bead to add to the toy. LOL

Another thing to do, once you have your rexlace knotted a few times, pulling it tight between each knot, wave the knot over a flame real fast a few times and pull GENTLY on it. If you get it too hot it will melt, and if you pull too hard while it is hot the lace will snap. It takes a few tries, but works like a charm once you get it down.

I have sold many many MANY toys that I used these methods on and have never had a customer say their toys have come apart, and none of the toys I made that I use in my own cages are coming apart. So yep, tested methods thumb
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Tying rexlace... - 11/16/10 06:08 AM

You should try to use the fisherman's knot, that is what I use and I promise you it wont' come loose. thumb
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Tying rexlace... - 11/16/10 06:10 AM

Oops, sorry, just search google for "how to make a fisherman's knot" and you will get plenty videos showing you how to. thumb
Posted By: SugarCrazy

Re: Tying rexlace... - 11/16/10 02:41 PM

I've also heard that if you put the knot in really hot water it helps secure it. I haven't tried it myself since I heard that but you could try it.
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