Chewers, Toys...Possible Solutions.

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Chewers, Toys...Possible Solutions. - 02/14/11 09:00 PM

I've heard a few people say that they don't offer toys of plastic because they have chewers who will destroy them so they only offer fleece. I don't want to appear to knock anyone for their choices but wanted to post here in case any of you maybe want to give your two cents. Maybe it could be helpful in letting them explore avenues to diminish the chewing habit.

Mind you, this is only my opinion here but I find that all fleece toys are not necessarily toys, but more 'climbing vessels'. Climbing is good, don't get me wrong, I think it offers some good, needed exercise and if treat cups are somewhere in the fleece, some good exploration. But I also think that actual toys are needed for chewers. Here is what I noticed in this house:

When I first got gliders, I would put a toy or two at most in their cage. They got chewed. Beaks got chewed off of ducks, pretty much instantly, and so on. LOL But the longer I observed, the more I'd put in. In my observations, the more things they were 'allowed' to chew which in essence, the more things I was willing to replace regularly, the less they chewed the toys I didn't want them to. And honestly now, they don't chew on anything I don't want them to. (except the outside perimeter of their Stealths which will probably never stop but's fun for them) is a list of things I've found that helps to discourage unwanted chewing and I believe, Is quite fun for them to 'have at'. Most of these can be found at dollar stores and cheap to keep a stash of and replace.

Bins full of 'chew to your heart's content' PLASTIC stuff which includes:
Cut milk rings
Army men
Cut up drinking straws
Little monkeys
Wireless silk leaves with plastic branches plucked off of the chain vine (they chew the branch part)
Tiny masses of craft rope (relax) tied into a messy knot
Small pieces of safe branch
Irregular shaped beads
Pacifiers and tiny rings
Safety pins
C clips (if your gliders are prone to chewing their C clips which I've heard happens too)

*If anyone has other things that they provide, add to the list*

I personally ALWAYS keep a floor toy bin as well as a hanging toy bin FULL of these at all times. I do see that they navigate to both and really, they are quite often 'having at' the items provided.

Other chew items in cage: (some of which I place on floor, some I zip tie near the top)

Cork bark (handy in many other ways but they do love to chew it and it seems to last forever)
Safe branches
Vinyl duckies
Safe, un-dyed feathers
Plastic Bracelets
Various plastic things I happen to find when out and about

Basically, what I'm trying to show here is that even though you have extreme chewers, they ARE chewing for a reason. Boredom, mouth exploration, the excitement OF chewing, etc. I really believe that they think it's fun so why deny them that activity? If it makes them happy, stock up on stuff and replace it when necessary.
They are after all, in a cage so make their cage a fun place to be! jump
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Re: Chewers, Toys...Possible Solutions. - 02/14/11 09:23 PM

I have never minded mine chewing on plastics in their cage. If you aren't comfortable with plastics, you can always give them branches to chew on.
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Re: Chewers, Toys...Possible Solutions. - 02/14/11 09:44 PM

my chewers get euc branches,carrots all sizes and with or without greens,chicken legs that have been boiled,i also have boiled bone marrow bones for them. in my chewers cage no plastic anything.even bowls and water bottle are glass.tom will give them willow or apple branches from our tree.i even use corn husk and wrap goodies inside to tear apart.i take there stealth wheel in the am and put it back in around 6pm to about 3am i have to watch and make sure they dont chew..i dont know why this pair chews so much ,they where a rescue.but they chew on everything even my nails when im loveing them
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Re: Chewers, Toys...Possible Solutions. - 02/15/11 04:19 PM

Great ideas Davie!
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Re: Chewers, Toys...Possible Solutions. - 02/15/11 10:59 PM

OOOH I like the corn husk idea!

I let them chew plastic all they want. After I saw them actually spit out powdered supplements that were mixed with yogurt, I stopped worrying about them accidentally swallowing plastic.
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