Natural materials?

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Natural materials? - 04/23/11 05:02 AM

I've probably read a thousand posts on here already and I'm really interested in making my own toys...and I don't even have any gliders yet! LOL roflmao Want to make sure I'm well-informed and have everything ready first.

Anyway, I was wondering what types of natural shredding/bedding materials are safe for gliders? I remember that some sort of moss is okay to use (don't remember what kind though) and I also know about strips of fleece and such. How about those shreddable toys that are used for birds? I want to be able to give my future babies interesting playthings, so I appreciate any ideas or suggestions you can share!

Thanks!! grin
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Re: Natural materials? - 04/23/11 05:15 AM

Bird toys are usually ok. Some of the larger parrot toys have really BIG links that are too big for gliders. The straw shreddable stuff is ok. The stuff the pet stores have are dyed with vegetable dyes, so, won't hurt the gliders.

Mine love tearing up eucalyptus and chewing on the sticks. Matt at eucproducts is a vendor here on GC, and I think he is still offering a special trial-pack at a discounted rate to GC members. That way you can try a little of each product and see which your gliders prefer best.

I add safe branches, like apple, and they tear that stuff up! It's not so much to nest with but they love it and it helps their nails. Just make sure you put in things that are pesticide and fertilizer free.
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Re: Natural materials? - 04/23/11 09:09 AM

I have used organic sphagnum moss in my cages.

Cork bark is fun too.
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Re: Natural materials? - 04/24/11 02:39 AM

Yes, most of them love cork bark. Other interesting but not often discussed shred toys are cajeput branches or disks, sea grass coasters, natural sea sponges. Reviews for all of these can be found here;
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Re: Natural materials? - 04/27/11 07:02 AM

I have a huge piece of cork bark in my cage. I put fleece blankies inside it and my two LOVE to curl up in there to nap now that weather is warmer since the bark gets really nice air flow while still providing privacy. I can't say I've ever seen my 2 tear at it though. They use their euc for nesting purposes, so I'm always finding euc leaves in various pouches....
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