Cage cleaning must haves

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Cage cleaning must haves - 06/10/06 04:30 PM

So it looks like I'll be getting my two gliders some time next week <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dance.gif" alt="" /> Anywho, I was wondering if any glider owners have any advice on what cleaning products are good to use on glider cages for disinfecting or cutting down smell in between cleanings.
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/10/06 04:39 PM

I've been using kage-care and pure ayre from the Suncoast gliders webpage. I also use lysol wipes every day to clean the wires, they're very convenient. Some people use baby wipes too.

Congrats on the incumbent babies!:)
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/10/06 07:01 PM

I've got a spray deoderizer called Clean Cage that I spray in the tray, I use lysol wipes for wipe downs and about every two weeks I haul the sucker into the bathtub (apartments mean creative cleaning practices) and use a sponge and dish soap to scrub everything really well. Then I use the shower to rinse it all off (yes, it's a wet process but it's an excuse to wear my bathing suit.)I think I go a little further with cleaning than most people do, but I worry about the smell because of the apartment.

Hope that helps!
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/10/06 09:05 PM

Oh yeah, the cleaning in the bathtub trick is a good one, I give it a thumbs-up- I have the same issue with a small condo and wanting to make sure the smell (and cleanliness) is kept under good control.
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/10/06 09:34 PM

Power washer!!
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/11/06 05:50 AM

I use the Clorox wipes..
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/11/06 05:57 AM

no you dont over do it I do the exact same thing but I have 7 cages to clean but using hot water helps all the food come off better. clorox wipes work good but I found when I do that it causes the males to rub theyre scent on the cage alot more. just a warm rag works real good about every other day and it makes a difference what type of litter you use.
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/11/06 06:10 AM

I do the cage in the shower thing too. Usually I get it in there and turn the shower on as hot as it goes and stop up the tub so I get enough water in the bottom to soak the floor of the cage. Then when it's good and wet and anything "dried on" is softening up, I spray it down with Lysol Kitchen clean up and let it sit for about 10 minutes (that's how long the label says it takes for that stuff to kill germs. You aren't supposed to just spray and wipe right away if you want it to disinfect) then scrub with a brush and rinse a whole bunch. Sometimes I put some bleach in the tub water too to further disinfect the bottom.

Between shower cleanings I use the Clorox wipes too, but does anyone know if you have to worry about the gliders coming in contact with that stuff before it dries? I always forget to do the wipes until feeding time and I'm afraid to use it right before the gliders will be waking up. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/12/06 10:01 AM

I use the shower in the winter. My shower has a extended shower head that works great. Once it is nice outside, I take all the cages outside and clean with a waterhose and soap and let them air dry. They tend to smell better after being outside in the sun to dry. There is no mess to clean up inside either <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dance.gif" alt="" />. As for, most of the toys and wheels and such, the dishwasher works great <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/exclamation.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/12/06 10:27 AM

[:"green"]This past winter, in spite of daily wipe-downs with Scott's Scrubbing Wipes, the cages got overwhelmingly smelly... My hubby took them ALL apart for me, one-by-one, then I soaked them in the tub with bleach & hot water and scrubbed them down with a scrub brush. Then hubby dried them & reassembled them... It worked really well, but took about an hour per cage (and we have 7 cages right now).
Normally, when the weather is nice, we haul all the cages onto the front lawn, hose them down, spray them with Lysol Kitchen Cleaner, scrub them with a scrub brush, then rinse with the hose & allow them to dry in the sun. They do smell really nice after being outside <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />.
Instead of litter in the drop pan, I made fleece cage liners to fit each cage (bought the $2.49/yard fleece at WalMart for them - it's thin but I use a double-layer, then bind the edges with my serger). I shake out the liner every day or two & then flip it over, then every few days I change the liner for a clean one (throwing the dirty ones into the washing machine). Every time I shake or change the liner, I spray the drop pan with Lysol Kitchen Cleaner and wipe it out with paper towels. This works much better than litter because it keeps the cage fresher & cleaner. I never realized how much food waste was going into the bottom of the cage before I started using the liners <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shakehead.gif" alt="" />. It's much more sanitary now cuz the gliders can't reach down and grab days-old food for "snacks"...
I wash glider kitchens, plastic toys & wheels in the dishwasher once a week. Fleece hammocks, pouches & toys go in the washing machine once a week along with the cage liners.
For food dishes, I bought 2 oz. Ramekins at World Market (they're like a little straight-sided custard cup) and 2 oz. disposable condiment cups at Gordon Foods. The condiment cups fit perfectly into the Ramekins, so the food mess gets thrown out each morning with the condiment cups. The Ramekins get put in the dishwasher as needed (usually every 3-4 days).
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/12/06 03:52 PM

For good clean downs, I simply go with really hot water and vinegar for the smelliness and that works super well for me. For daily touch-ups, I use the Clorox wipes in the morning so by the time night falls, I know there's no residue he can lick off (he's a licker, I have to be extra-careful, he grooms and licks me like it's my last day on Earth...)
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/12/06 04:32 PM

I use baby wipes for daily wipe downs and I have a stiff brush for scrubbing for major cleanings. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> BML is very sticky. LOL
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/14/06 10:09 PM

I'm still scared to use the Lysol/Clorox wipes. They have pet warning labels on the container. I want to because it would be so much more convenient. For those that do use them, how long have you used them and exactly which ones are you using? Do you have to wipe again after to remove any residue?
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/14/06 10:59 PM

We use clorox wipes - have for over 3 years - no after wipe just be sure to dry before they touch it - the hose ouside is a good thing once a month or so - it is a matter of preference.
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Re: Cage cleaning must haves - 06/16/06 07:17 PM

Please tell me I'm not the only person who not only cleans cages in the shower, but actually showers with them?!? I also throw the Wodent Wheel as well as the hedgehog's wheel in the shower on days when the cage is absent. I'm not saying I always take showers with animal accesories, but it really does encourage me to leave my conditioner on my hair long enough for it to really work in!
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