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Ants...HELP! - 05/07/08 03:11 PM

I live in Texas and anyone here can back me up. The ants are horrible here! My babies have an HQ Brisbane cage that sits up off of the floor. I feed them everynight there HPW Veggies and fruit. As soon as I awake in the morning I remove all of the food from their cage. Today there were little black "army" ants in the bottom of their cage and on their food bowls....there were no ants in their pouches and I clean the bottom of their cage out with the water hose every morning.

I was wondering if this is a problem for anyone else and what can be done to prevent this.

BTW Romeo is recovering so well! He is absolutly amazing! Juliet is getting really "fat" and I got to see the Joeys wiggling in her pouch the other day it was so cute!
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Re: Ants...HELP! - 05/07/08 03:15 PM

Yay...glad to hear they are doing great!!

You can try putting bounce dryer sheets under the wheels of the cage or a small shallow dish of water under all the legs...knock on wood I have not got ants yet this year but have had to battle them in the past. Bounce always has worked for me...
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Re: Ants...HELP! - 05/07/08 03:19 PM

oh yea...I forgot about the bounce dryer sheets. I will try those today and see if it helps. Thanks again!

He is such a sweet boy and I am waiting on my bonding pouches to come in. I feel that they are both comfortable enough to start bonding with me. I wanted to give them a few weeks to get use to the new environment. I can't wait for the bonding part. I know they are both so thankful for me and LOVING their HPW diet!
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Re: Ants...HELP! - 05/10/08 02:43 AM

I am still having the issue with ants!

I have put the dryer sheets all over the cage, under all wheels, covered the bottom shelf, tied around all legs!

I am not comfortable with this at all and am wondering if I should move them and use some sort of spray where their cage sits and move them back after 24 hrs?

The ants are in the cage but just on the bottom everymorning I wake up. They have yet to be in the pouches with my babies...but who knows if they get out during the day then they could get bit!

I take the tray out of the bottom of the cage every morning and spray it out and wipe the walls and bottom of the cage out and even clean up around the floor!

Is there a trick to the dryer sheets?
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Re: Ants...HELP! - 05/10/08 04:18 AM

Thumbs Up - on the fabric softener sheets..... I tie Downy Sheets on the end of the cage poles where the tray is and now I never have ant problems around the cage any more.
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Re: Ants...HELP! - 05/10/08 02:07 PM

I stayed awake lastnight to watch their cage. Around 12:30 the cage was covered with ants and they were both back in the pouch. I washed it all away and cleaned the bottom of the cage very good. Moved the cage swept and moped where the cage sat.

I returned the food to the cage since they haven't eaten much at all and went to bed. I wake up to no suprise the ants found their way back!

These dryer sheets are not working on my end. The ants are crawling all over them too!I think I will chekc around at the store today for ant poisons....any ideas?

I will not be putting any in or on the cage at all. Just to maybe put around my baseboards in my house.
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Re: Ants...HELP! - 05/10/08 02:44 PM

try getting some traps and put them in rooms away from the gliders (and put some in your basement and outside). That is what I ended up doing last year when we had an ant problem (and they were not just in the cage, they were in our BED, as the gliders cages were in our room! YUCK!!!!)
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Re: Ants...HELP! - 05/11/08 01:52 PM

So yesterday I was at the store and bought some plastic containers. I got home and pu them under each wheel and filled them with water.


woke up and NO ANTS!

P.S. My husband said that they were the tiny red fire ants and not the little black army ants.

So I am so happy that we found a solution to this! Thanks for all of your great ideas!
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Re: Ants...HELP! - 05/11/08 02:46 PM

thanks for all the ideas is it that out of 3 cages, only 1 is plagued by ants.....go figure
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Re: Ants...HELP! - 05/11/08 06:18 PM

good luck I hope that some of this helps with your cage. THe water was the trick for me.
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