Reptile Rocks???

Posted By: Anonymous

Reptile Rocks??? - 03/26/06 09:24 PM

Do any of you use those reptile rocks in your suggies' cages?
Thought they were cute in the pet store today. They kind of look like limbs and have some holes that look fun for exploring. I did see some that had artificial plants hot glued on, so I know those would not be good, but I wasn't sure about the plain ones. Like is the material itself, OK? Thanks.
Posted By: GliderHappy81

Re: Reptile Rocks??? - 03/26/06 09:26 PM

If it is hard plastic it should be fine. You are not talking about heating rocks, right? The heating rocks are a big no no:) I dont see anything wrong with the hard plastic rocks though...Maybe someone else will know more exactly what you are refering to...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Reptile Rocks??? - 03/27/06 02:27 AM

No, not the heat rocks...and they are not really plastic either...more like a resin or something. They would break if you dropped them, and they are fairly heavy.
Posted By: GliderHappy81

Re: Reptile Rocks??? - 03/27/06 02:55 AM

Hmm, I dont know about that then. If your gliders are chewers couldnt they get some of it in their systems and it hurt them? I wish I could be more sure someone else will be along soon.
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