Gliders in front of windows

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Gliders in front of windows - 04/15/06 05:47 AM

I seen a picture of a glider's cage in front of a window isn't that a no no <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/question.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shakehead.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Gliders in front of windows - 04/15/06 06:52 AM

I would think, if the window does not get direct sunlight, then the gliders would be fine. Like say the front of my house faces north so my living room is darker than the rest of the house.
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Re: Gliders in front of windows - 04/15/06 12:30 PM

[:"green"] There are two reasons a cage shouldn't be put in front of a window:
1) Direct bright sunlight can bother them during the daytime
2) Drafts can cause the gliders to get chilled
Now, if the window is on a side of the house where it doesn't get too sunny and the window is not drafty at all, then it would be okay by the window. Most people don't put them by windows as a general "rule of thumb" though...
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Re: Gliders in front of windows - 04/15/06 10:01 PM

Yep… I agree with Suz… and I would say that goes for just about any animal confined to a cage… to much light, drafts, or increased temperature due to sunlight … would not be good for any animal…. But if the window is well insulated,,, (are new one are going in next month…) and does not get direct light, than it >”can”< I stress CAN, work, you need to make this choice, Cage location!!!! as carefully as diet !!!!
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Re: Gliders in front of windows - 04/16/06 03:47 AM

Oy, I didn't even think about drafts, since its 80 degrees here. But you are absolutely right. Now, similar question, Can the glider get too hot? Jesse's cage is on the far side of the living room, where during the winter he is protected from drafts. However, like I said 80 degrees here and hubby isn't ready to turn on the air conditioning yet. I have fleece curtains around three sides of his cage (protecting the furniture/walls and cutting down on drafts) but now I am concerned he will overheat since he sleeps in a fleece pouch as well. Should I make curtains out of a lighter material? His pouch?Move him closer to an open window (no direct sunlight) or turn a fan on him? He has 2 water sources..fresh everyday.
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Re: Gliders in front of windows - 04/16/06 05:07 AM

Melanie, you can always provide a nest box or lighter weight pouch as an alternative for your baby to sleep in should he become too hot in his fleece.
As to being in front of a window, I believe that John & Suz have covered this sufficiently.
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Re: Gliders in front of windows - 04/17/06 07:55 PM

Ours hae windows that face the cages from a distance, I make sure there are coverings on the windows to cut back on heat issues and also keep fleece throws on that side of the cage as well
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