2 men tent or 4 men?

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2 men tent or 4 men? - 05/09/06 05:52 PM

i was surveying just then on which tent would be more suitable. i've got 2 gliders n i've seen that the 2 men tent is rather small n low, but the 4 men tent is too huge. also, the material of the tent is made from thin layer of plastic? although its a double layer having as well a thin piece of netting at the door for ventilation. wld the material be too thin and also slippery. Im afraid my gliders might slip off or rather might puncture holes hrough it. Both tents also doesnt have external hooks or lines that i can hang any toys for them. any suggestions? Are everyone's tent the same? would assembling a manual tent take long n difficult? tks
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Re: 2 men tent or 4 men? - 05/09/06 06:33 PM

[:"green"]I think most people get the 2-man tent cuz it's an easier size to set up inside the house. As for the material, you probably don't have many options in Malaysia, so make do with what you can get. Maybe you could use sticky velcro to hang toys with? Just a suggestion, I don't know if that would work or not...
Hopefully others will be along soon with more suggestions for you...
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Re: 2 men tent or 4 men? - 05/09/06 07:21 PM

The 2 men tent is rather small, i dun think i can stand in it while the 4 men tent is rather too big to set up in the house. If only they had a 3 men tent.. i would go straight for it!
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