Question about new parents

Posted By: TheWildRose311

Question about new parents - 01/12/15 02:30 AM

Is it possible to stress new parents out to the point where they kill their babies, If they feel threatend?

I got some horrible news a few minutes ago, The lady im getting my glidesfrom called me, She told me that her daughters ex was over last night and was harrasing my babies gliders parents ( The Dad is protective of his family and will even attack her if she tries to mess with the babies while their in the sleeping pouch) The guy was teasing the male with yogies, Making him reach for them and than jerking them away from the daddy glider Chuckles.. She said she yelled at him twice to leave the gliders alone on the third time she yelled she threated to bash his head in to the cage if he didn't leave them alone.... This morning she woke to find the two babies dead.
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Re: Question about new parents - 01/12/15 02:46 AM

Yes. If mom or dad feel threatened, even if the cage is moved from one side of the room to another, this could cause them to do away with their young.

Personally, if I were the breeder, if the male shows those types of behaviors, it is not a male I would have in my breeding program. I had a male react like that before and I neutered him and placed him in a pet only cage. Thats not a trait I would want passed down to my joeys.
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Re: Question about new parents - 01/12/15 03:23 AM

I feel so bad, She called me cryin.. Her 16 year old granddaughter is in tears. Wh teases a poor defenseless animal like that!!
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Re: Question about new parents - 01/12/15 03:32 AM

She said she had no idea who did it.... But Chuckles (The male was the one being teased. She said that the next time Lollipop is pregnant, No one besides her and her daughter will be allowed to be near them
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