I cant find much info on expecting gliders

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I cant find much info on expecting gliders - 04/03/15 08:38 PM

Ive been looking here and even just on google about expecting gliders and im not finding much. Is there a link that i could follow? She is staying up until 8-8:30, the past few days shes decided she likes the hammock more than her pouch, her poor babies will be brain damaged because she loves her wheel but, should i take it away? I posted this here because im not sure if my questions are behavior or babies. I may just not know how to word what im searching for. Im not sure if im suppose to try to bond with her or leave her alone so she doesnt get very stressed out. Help?
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Re: I cant find much info on expecting gliders - 04/03/15 08:42 PM

Have you searched this Forum Topic Breeding and Babies ?

I personally don't have any experience in that area, perhaps someone who does will soon post a reply. In the meantime, if you have searched the above, try scanning through the thread titles and see if there is any related to your questions.
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Re: I cant find much info on expecting gliders - 04/03/15 11:27 PM

Suz's web page has a wealth of information on breeding and care of joeys in the event of rejection.

If this glider is new to you, take the bonding slowly at her pace. Talk to her often when ever you are near the cage.

offer treats in the palm of your hand so she can come to you if she is comfortable doing so. She will let you know if she wants to hang back. Do make an effort to get the male comfortable with your hands as well. He might be the one that will tell you off if you try to handle the joeys once they are OOP. If he becomes comfortable with you, the female and joeys will follow his lead.
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Re: I cant find much info on expecting gliders - 04/03/15 11:52 PM

I saw the page, ill be ordering a kit, im mainly just worried about mom. Her behaviors are nothing like Xena.She is new to me, all alone and im not sure if she likes me or not so im afraid to even try to bond with her. She jumps to the front of the cage, sticks her butt in the air and hops around like a playing puppy one minute, the next her tail is flopping around like a snake. She pries my fingers and bites when my hand is in the cage, the bites dont hurt. She never crabs. But if shes awake she will investigate me or maybe shes begging for food.

Ive read alot here and elsewhere about the babies when they come, I was looking for a what to expect when your gliders expecting type guide.

I dont have a male, when i brought her home, she was going to be Xenas cage mate. I didnt know she had joeys. She is to young 8ish months now, the only male that was near her was her dad. Il be worrying about them soon i think
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