Is hissing crying?

Posted By: darkmornings

Is hissing crying? - 04/24/15 03:24 PM

The babies were hissing in the cage pouch and Belle was hanging out in the cube on the other side of the cage. Were they calling her?
Posted By: Kris_N_Zoe

Re: Is hissing crying? - 04/24/15 03:32 PM

Possibly. Sometimes Smoke does this squeak(bark) with a long hiss and kind of a "cry" when he's out looking for Zoey. It kinda sounds like the female's "in heat" noise, but different. He's a little weird though. They probably are calling out to her. Smoke barks for me and does that weird bark/hiss/call for Zoey.
Posted By: darkmornings

Re: Is hissing crying? - 04/24/15 08:22 PM

Xena and Belle make that hiss bark noise at each other. The noise the babies were making was just a hiss. I was a little scared and took a look and i guess Belle wanted to investigate me so she went back to the babies. She somehow moved them back to the cube when i went out of the room.

This is the second time ive seen them and, once again ive forgotten to see if she has boys or girls or both. Lol, i want to know so badly so i can give them names but, im afraid to bother them.
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