New Mating Problem

Posted By: SuggieGirl16

New Mating Problem - 07/12/15 06:49 AM

Okay so I have a new problem. I just made a post about how my female would not leave my male glider alone after having them in the same cage for the first time after quarantining the new male. Well... I just woke up to a strange noise and took a peek in the cage and guess what they're doing. Yep... Mating. I have their full family history, pedigree, etc. So I know they are not related for at least 6 generations and I had thought "thought" about possibly having my female experience one pregnancy before I neutered the male. But not this soon! I am completely clueless as to how this all works. I haven't done any research yet. I am thinking of separating them again until I can get him neutered but what if she is already pregnant??? If that is the case I don't think taking the male away from her is a good idea. What are the chances she is pregnant? I have no idea if she is in heat or not. She is also crabbing/hissing every once and awhile, he isn't hurting her is he? I checked to make sure he wasn't biting her neck too hard to cause a wound and he is not. I would appreciate any help or advice!

Posted By: SuggieGirl16

Re: New Mating Problem - 07/12/15 07:09 AM

Quick update: They just stopped and I was able to get the male back into the cage I had originally quarantined him in. But I don't know if this is the right thing to be doing? If she is pregnant already, shouldn't he be with her in the same cage? Please advise. Thanks
Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: New Mating Problem - 07/12/15 01:48 PM

There definitely is a possibility that she may become pregnant from her first mating with the male.

If you WANT to have one or two joeys before neutering then I would put him back in the cage and wait and see. Joeys are born after 16 days but you are unlikely to notice the tiny joey that is not much larger than a grain of rice. Once in the pouch it will latch on a nipple to continue its development and it might be a month or two before the joey is large enough for you to notice the bulge in the female's pouch to be sure she is carrying joeys.

This web page is a must read if you are considering letting your gliders breed and has information you should know if they already have a joey on the way.

If you either want to just keep the pair as pet only gliders or are OK with them possibly having only one or two joeys, then you can have the male neutered ASAP and then return him to the cage with his new best friend. After a day or two when she is no longer in heat you can return him to the cage if you have scheduled him to be neutered within the next week or two because she will not be in heat again for about 4 weeks.

If you DEFINITELY want at least one joey from the pair, you can wait until you are positive that she has joeys in pouch and then have him neutered before the joeys are OOP

If she is carrying a joey, she will need his help in about 9 weeks when the joeys come OOP.

If you want to limit them to one preganacy, do not wait until the joeys are OOP because gliders often mate very quickly after or even right before joeys are OOP so that there are more on the way very quickly. Gliders have 4 nipples and can have new joeys in pouch while the first ones are still nursing.
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Re: New Mating Problem - 07/12/15 02:44 PM

Candy has given you good information. Yes your female can be pregnant already.

Their gestation period is short and then the joey crawls up to the pouch.

You have about 2 months to study up before the joeys come OOP.
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Re: New Mating Problem - 07/12/15 03:09 PM

Thanks for the help!

I put him back in the cage, as I decided I would be okay with having one or two more joeys if that happens. But I am calling my vet on Monday to set up an appointment to have him neutered. I'm also going to go ahead and start doing some research right now in case she already is pregnant. Oh boy this was a lot for one night, I wasn't expecting it to take place so quickly. I mean he is 8 months old, so I wasn't quite sure if he was even sexually mature, but he does have a bald spot.

Thanks again!
Posted By: KarenE

Re: New Mating Problem - 07/12/15 03:15 PM

If he has a bald spot, he's good to go wink
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