Mom injured

Posted By: reeny

Mom injured - 08/14/15 03:20 AM

Not sure if anyone will remember me this is Reeny. Came home to my glider Lilly with her tail completely mutilated. She is at the emergency vet and she has a Joey that is 3 ish weeks old. It's a good size Joey do you think I could just feed HPW? Need some help haven't had to feed a Joey in several years.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Mom injured - 08/14/15 03:05 PM

I'm hoping your female is doing better by this morning and has been reunited with her joey.

In the meantime, I am moving this to Breeding & Babies as we have members who will be able to help you and watch that forum.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Mom injured - 08/14/15 08:10 PM

Hi Reeny,

How is your mom and joey doing today? To answer your question, yes, you could just feed the HPW.

But I would think that once she is out of surgery the joey can go back with her. She may stress out if her joey isn't with her.

Please update us when you can.
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