cleaning up a rejected joey

Posted By: royb

cleaning up a rejected joey - 08/15/15 02:42 PM

my female glider is 2 yrs old, this was her first she had 2 joeys they came out of pouch july 24, on july 27 i found the baby girl on the bottom of the cage cold, i put her back in the nest, 45 minutes later i went to check to see everything was ok and she was back on the cage bootom. she is doing well i am handfeeding her (i have experience with rejected joeys.)
here is my question i have been giving her a dish with a little formula in it after i feed her she is eating it, but she is messy and has formula in her fur, what is the best way to clean her up can i use a went cloth with a bit of baby wash, or just a wet (damp) cloth?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: cleaning up a rejected joey - 08/15/15 03:06 PM

Just a warm damp cloth to get all the mess off her, but here is the most important thing.

You must make sure she is 100% dry after her clean up. She needs plenty of fleece 'blankets' in her pouch to keep warm after drying.

Do you know if she is nursing at all from mom or are you keeping her completely separate?
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Re: cleaning up a rejected joey - 08/15/15 04:00 PM

the mom put her down in the cage bottom so i have her in a nursery, funny thing there was no issue with the other joey, im wondering if i caused the rejection by picking her up putting her back in the pouch, is that possible.
before when i had gliders i had one female who rejected every joey she had when it detached so i had the male neutered, my plan it to get this male neutered as well
Posted By: KarenE

Re: cleaning up a rejected joey - 08/15/15 04:08 PM

There is a strong possibility there is something wrong you cannot see and may not manifest itself until the joey is older. Something only the parents/mom could sense. The joey would more than likely have passed on its own if you had not intervened.

Just be watchful for any signs there could be problems. Make sure the joey stomach is full at each feeding and it is keeping all the food down properly. Make sure to stimulate if it is not pooping/peeing on its own.

Watch to see if the nose turns purple or if there are signs of dehydration. At this age the joey should not sleep 24/7 but should be mobile some during the day. See if it tracks along with the other joey mom still has as far as what it is doing. It will lag behind some because of the hand rearing, but you will be able to see if it is way behind.
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Re: cleaning up a rejected joey - 08/15/15 06:45 PM

ok thank you for your advice, the joey is doing really well she doesnt sleep alot at night is when she eats alot on her own.
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