Lots of uncomfortable hissing?

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Lots of uncomfortable hissing? - 08/29/15 04:30 PM

Hi all, so I am getting a tiny bit worried about Lucy (my pregnant mama). I have mentioned in a couple other posts that she has been hissing quite a bit, even since the joey first went into the pouch. And she is still continuing to hiss, but it is a little different. Now it looks as though she is a bit uncomfortable, sort of shaking. This seems to happen about every 2-3 hours. Is this normal? The joey is only almost 5 weeks in pouch. This isn't an early sign of rejection is it? I've read everything I could possibly read on the subject and nothing has said that it could indicate this, but also nothing has said that it should be occurring this often and this early?

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: Lots of uncomfortable hissing? - 08/30/15 01:41 AM

You have made several posts about your girl hissing - and shaking. At one point you thought she was 'singing' to the joeys but that is not something usually heard until just before the joeys are mature enough to come OOP.

Did you ever take your gliders for a well check up with a glider experienced vet? It would definitely be a good idea to have your glider checked out to make sure she does not have a urinary tract infection which often causes gliders to hiss and act uncomfortable when they pee.

If she pees while at the vet it may be possible to get a sample for testing - or at the very least a swab to do a culture to see if her urine shows a bacterial infection.

The hissing and "uncomfortable, sort of shaking" is NOT something usually seen as a result of a glider carrying joeys. It would be best to discuss the symptoms with your vet and have your glider checked out.
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Re: Lots of uncomfortable hissing? - 08/30/15 03:13 AM

I actually have a wellness appointment set up for both Luka and her this coming Tuesday. I'll be sure to mention what has been going on. I don't ever see her doing this while using the bathroom. She is most often paying attention to her pouch at the time. Hopefully the vet will be able to give me some answers. Thanks!
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Re: Lots of uncomfortable hissing? - 09/03/15 04:25 PM


I took both Lucy (my pregnant mama) and Luka (the daddy) to the vet yesterday for a check up. I talked to the doctor about her excessive singing/hissing. We were able to get her to go to the bathroom in the office so that he could get a urine sample to check for infection and it came back clean. No infection, yay! That being said, the doctor said that in his experience excessive singing when the joey is in pouch can indicate discomfort from nursing. He said that, while it may not be a problem right now while the joey is in the pouch, it may increase the likelihood of rejection. Due to the fact that when the joey comes out of pouch she can physically push him/her away to prevent any more discomfort from nursing. Crossing my fingers that this doesn't happen!
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Re: Lots of uncomfortable hissing? - 09/03/15 07:51 PM

More and more singing just means the joey is close to coming out of pouch. grin
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