sad news and nuter questions

Posted By: dinah505

sad news and nuter questions - 10/16/15 03:16 PM

my boy BO and my little almost tame baby Tweety have their second set of joeys. the previous set died although the parents tried desperately . I took Tweety and the previous set to the vet and the vet said that sometimes joeys have some thing wrong with them and they don't do well. That was several months ago and there was another set of twins right away twin died a preemie last week and the second one is not doing real good despite the parents best efforts and me supplementing. It is with a heavy heart I have decided to neuter Bo so that Tweety doesn't go threw this again my question is after his surgery should I put him right back or separate him until he is healed? I have heard of breeders putting males with other females when their female can no longer breed but I am afraid that would kill Tweety
Posted By: KarenE

Re: sad news and nuter questions - 10/16/15 03:33 PM

There should be no problem putting them back together after surgery.

In fact, when I had mine done years ago, I took both to the vet so they could be reunited immediately when he woke up.

I don't know if any vets still do this, however, you can always take Tweety with you when you pick up BO if you vet thinks that would be okay.

Note: Many vets these days put gliders in an e-collar immediately after surgery. None of mine were ever in a collar and had no ill effects from the surgery. Make sure you leave the vet's office with pain meds in case they are needed and watch the pair closely for excessive grooming at the neuter site.
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Re: sad news and nuter questions - 10/16/15 09:43 PM

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your joeys. I now know first hand how emotionally difficult that can be. I guess some gliders just don't want or don't know how to be parents.

I put my male in with my female literally the night that I brought him home after the neuter and had no problems. In fact I think that being back with Lucy (my female) distracted him from wanting to lick the area. My vet did a pom-on neuter though, so I don't know if that makes a difference as I have heard that the pom-off neuters are a little more invasive, hence requiring a longer recovery period.

Good luck and again so sorry.
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Re: sad news and nuter questions - 10/19/15 04:51 PM

the last Joey died last Friday as I had suspected it might I just don't know what to do anymore other than fix the daddy glider.My poor Tweety tried
Posted By: KarenE

Re: sad news and nuter questions - 10/19/15 05:45 PM

As heartbreaking as it is, it appears this pairing is not going to be able to bring forth viable joeys for whatever reason. Sometimes it just happens that their mixing genes don't work.

If they were mine, I would go ahead and have BO neutered so they can live as a bonded pair, and you won't have to worry about this happening for a third time.

It is hard on them as well since you say they are attentive parents. There is just something wrong with the pairing of their genes.
Posted By: dinah505

Re: sad news and nuter questions - 10/20/15 06:47 PM

He is already scheduled to be neutered. Love their little hearts. I hope it is not to painful. I hate it but I can't see them go through that again
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