Adding to the colony?

Posted By: ebkmommy

Adding to the colony? - 11/10/15 11:03 PM

I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this....

Current situation:
cage 1: male 1.5 y/0(named Blue) and female 1.5 y/o (Crimson) bonded/breeding pair, came to our home in March. Currently with 2 joeys, 9 days OOP
cage 2: 2 females, mom 5 y/o (Kayeu) and daughter 5 mo old (Phog), came to our home in August

for all of you KS people.....seeing the KU Jayhawks theme yet??? smile

Anyways, Kayeu is sick...I rushed her to the vet this afternoon to see if they could save her. They are keeping her overnight to see how it goes, but they said that they "can't make any promises." frown

My question is this...when I first got Kayeu and Phog, Crimson and Blue had 1 joey and did NOT like having Kayeu or Phog around. So we purchased another cage for the new girls. This has all been fine, cages next to each other, and all is well. However, now that Kayeu is sick and not looking like I will get to bring her home (that is so hard for me to type right now), I need to figure out what to do with Phog. I don't think that an introduction to the breeding pair will work well right now. Blue, the male in the breeding pair, will likely be neutered very soon (not sure if they will do one more mating or not).

What do I do to keep Phog from going through so much heartache from her mom leaving, if this is what happens? Do I try to introduce her to the others? If so, what do you suggest is the best way? I've done research for months on this, but haven't tried too much. I know that Blue was ok with her when meeting on neutral grounds, but Crimson is not.
Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: Adding to the colony? - 11/11/15 02:40 AM

I am sorry Kayeu is not doing well. I hope the vet is able to turn things around for her.

First - it would probably be best to wait until the joeys are AT LEAST 8 weeks OOP before you try to introduce Phog to the other colony. They need to be big enough to deal with another adult glider in the colony.

If you have not had your male glider neutered already - there is a good chance that there is already another set of joeys on the way. Females usually go into heat and are willing to mate again as soon as joeys are OOP. If that is the case, you would need to hold off on the introductions until the NEXT SET of joeys are at least 8 weeks OOP.

Your male will need to be neutered before you add another adult female to the colony as well. Breeding trios bring all sorts of new issues including joey stealing and canabalism. It could be setting yourself up for heart break.

It may be possible to introduce one or both of the current new joeys to Phog when they are old enough to be separated from mom and dad if there are more joeys on the way at that time.

In the mean time, spend as much time with Phog as you can and keep her cage close to the others so she does not feel totally alone.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Adding to the colony? - 11/11/15 02:54 AM

Candy has given you some great information. Keeping the single glider where she can see and smell the others will help also.

You could also introduce her to one of the joeys once they are old enough. You would have two cages of gliders.

I think once the male is neutered and the joeys are older, the male will accept your little females into his group.
Posted By: ebkmommy

Re: Adding to the colony? - 11/11/15 01:02 PM

Thank you, Candy and Feather.

We haven't heard Blue and Crimson mating is very noticeable, as I'm sure you both know!

I went to visit Kayeu last night at the vet. She was trying to walk around which was better than when I dropped her off. She was stiff at that point. The vet is still not very optimistic, it seems. I understand, though.

She has two bad scratches on her back. He also can't figure out from where the trauma came. I posted about this on another thread elsewhere on the board.

I should be getting a call within the next hour from them if she has passed on. If I don't get a call, I will call them. I'm a teacher, so I'm hoping that if I get bad news it will be before I have students showing up today.

Thank you both for your advice. Luckily the cages are just arm's length away from each other (a sugar glider's arm's length, that is). We don't plan on keeping the joeys, and they will probably go to their new home right at about 12 weeks OOP. I wouldn't mind keeping one of them if Kayeu doesn't make it, but it has already been reserved. If that person backs out, I will definitely keep him/her.
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