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Posted By: tab

Breeding mentor - 01/26/16 01:38 AM

I used to be a very active member in here, it's been a little while and it was under a different account for some reason it wouldn't let me sign in so I gave up and made a new one!

I was going to rescue a pair and their three children this weekend, I was first told they had lineage so I was going to get a mate for one daughter who is leucistic. And have the brother fixed and keep him with the normal sister. Now they are saying they can't remember the registered names on the database.

I feel the need to get these gliders bc they are living in a colony freely inbreeding. I can provide them a great home but my plan was to breed. I've been told it will reflect poorly on me and I'll be considered a backyard breeder. Also been told the usda rep will be looking for me.

So now I am scared of rescuing them.

Do I rescue neuter and rehome?

Then when it comes to my desire to breed I just want one pair one really great pair of pets before anything! And I've been told without a mentor no one will purchase my babies and I'll be dragged through the mud so to speak. So I feel beat down!

I'm a miniature dachshund breeder and I know the two don't correlate other than intact females in the usda's eye. I only have three female dachshunds so I'm not usda licensed yet. But now someone is telling me even puppies count against me. I'm a reputable and responsible dachshund breeder and we as a community believe in building one another up to better the breed so this beat down is new for me.
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Re: Breeding mentor - 01/26/16 03:10 AM

About your account: I also had an old account but it deleted mine for some reason :c. I was able to sign up with the exact same username, and my old posts are from Takaia but it says I wasn't registered.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Breeding mentor - 01/27/16 02:59 AM

It is frowned upon to breed unlineaged gliders. You could get these gliders, neuter all the boys and have yourself a nice pet colony.

Save up for a good lineaged pair and then start breeding.

You do not need to worry about the USDA unless you have more than 4 breeding pairs.
Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: Breeding mentor - 01/27/16 04:49 AM

Actually, if you do choose to add breeding gliders to your home (rescues or lineaged gliders) AND you have 3 breeding dogs, you may very well need to have a USDA License. I believe the regulation are not species specific - if you are breeding more than 4 females of any kind you may need to be licensed.

I may have read the regulations incorrectly, but you might want to check on that before you decide to breed gliders in addition to your dogs.

It probably would be best to neuter all the male gliders and cherish the gliders as pets rather than jumping into breeding.
Posted By: tab

Re: Breeding mentor - 01/31/16 03:54 AM

I've been researching and in breeding dogs if you sell face to face instead of shipping it doesn't matter the number you have so I think I could have one breeding pair and it be ok maybe.

I want to get these males neutered and get a nice pair and I've been researching about breeding for 3+ years so I wouldn't be jumping it... I would just like to have a good mentor.
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