What do I need for Joey?

Posted By: Cathayvet

What do I need for Joey? - 04/22/16 03:38 AM

First time momma. 1 IP. I have a milk supplement and a bottle. But do I need to purchase a Joey diet? Or do they start to eat whatever the adults are eating?
Yes I have a nest box, heating lamp and supplies for a home made incubator in case of rejection.
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Re: What do I need for Joey? - 04/22/16 03:49 AM

I'm not an expert but my breeder weans joeys onto the Original HPW (now usually called Critter Love). She does make "smoothies" for joeys apparently, which is just fruits and veggies pureed in a food processor or blender..but my girls came to me at 8 weeks OOP and were on HPW with no issues eating chopped fruits and veggies. I think as long as you're prepared for a rejected joey you will be fine. Remember your momma needs extra protein. I am not sure which diet you follow, but Critter Love calls for double the amount of powder (1/2 cup instead of 1/4) when making batches of food for breeding gliders.

Congrats on your first little one!
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Re: What do I need for Joey? - 04/22/16 04:43 AM

You do not need to feed the joeys anything special. They will begin to go to the dinner plate with their parents about 5 or 6 weeks OOP and will eat the same diet as your adults. Joeys learn about foods from their parents by example.

If you have not already read the information on Suz's web site about care for joeys you might give it a look
Posted By: Cathayvet

Re: What do I need for Joey? - 04/22/16 02:46 PM

She is eating regular veggies, critter love, critter love breeder kibble, crickets, and she loves boiled eggs.
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