What age is safe to neuter?

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What age is safe to neuter? - 06/14/16 09:44 PM

I've read a lot of variations on the answer to my question. What is the safest age to neuter my new bouncing baby boy. He is currently 3weeks OOP and I am preparing for his future neutering and want to make sure I have it done when it is most safe to do so. I also want to ensure he doesn't have any opportunity to put the moves on his mom. Can anyone advise. Is it 10weeks once he is weened or should he be older. If it is older I already have his nursery cage ready for him to separate him from his parents once he is weened. Ideally I don't want him on his own for too long as I want him to be part of the family colony and not all by himself. Who can talk me through the timing of everything.
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Re: What age is safe to neuter? - 06/15/16 12:49 AM

I wouldn't neuter before 10 weeks, but it also depends on your veterinarian, some will not do it before they weigh a certain amount.

This is something you should discuss with your vet.
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Re: What age is safe to neuter? - 06/15/16 02:16 PM

Thank you. I'm going to remove him from mom at 10weeks if he is weened and aim to neuter around 12 weeks if my vet agrees. He's such a contented little guy so I'm sure most of his time can be spent hanging out with me rather than being alone in his nursery cage all day. Good to know about the weight consideration. That's the first I've heard of that. I will add it to my list to ask the vet. Thank you.
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Re: What age is safe to neuter? - 06/15/16 03:50 PM

Are you going to be keeping him? If so I would just get him neutered and return him to his family. That way you don't have to reintroduce him to his family.
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Re: What age is safe to neuter? - 06/16/16 03:05 AM

As long as you have him neutered before he is 4 months OOP it will be fine. He will not fully mature before that age.

Most vets prefer a joey to meet a certain weight requirement - usually about 60 grams and that the testes have fully descended into the pom before neutering.

You should let the joey stay with his parents - they have a lot to teach him about being an independent glider.

He can be returned to the family right after the neuter. I usually keep my boys in a small cage the first night after surgery then put them back in with the family the next morning so they can snuggle in and sleep as usual.
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Re: What age is safe to neuter? - 06/17/16 04:47 PM

Awesome info. Thanks so much. I went to the vet yesterday to further obtain the deets. He too mentioned the testacles need to have dropped. I will not panic about removing him at 10 weeks but may reach out again when the time gets closer if questions pop up. Yes I am keeping him so I don't want him away from his family for long. If I could pull off only one night away from them to rest after his wee bollock is nipped that would be ideal. This is such a cool experience. My parents have been fabulous at taking care of him. It was their first baby so I was worried. He's so content. Day 24 OOP was the first crab we ever heard. Taeo found his voice. My daughter obviously hasn't been holding him enough and he let her know it. 😄
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