Oops dad and daughter

Posted By: Cathayvet

Oops dad and daughter - 08/08/16 01:13 AM

Has anyone accidentally have a dad breed back to daughter? Just wondering as I stare at my little family. Planning to get pappy fixed next month? Like did the joeys survive?
Posted By: Srlb

Re: Oops dad and daughter - 08/08/16 03:38 AM

Yes, I have heard many occasions of this happening with rescues that come in.

Let me ask, you are vet no? You can't neuter your male yourself? If you need, I can call your practice with some awesome vets that will do consults with you and tell you the easiest way to do this.
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: Oops dad and daughter - 08/08/16 03:38 AM

Unfortunately, yes this has happened. The joeys will likely survive but are at risk of health issues as a result of inbreeding.

It's best to remove the joeys at 10 weeks OOP before they start sexually maturing.

If the joeys aren't OOP yet, you can actually get dad neutered prior to them coming out. Then you reduce the risk of mom getting pregnant again (which can occur within 3 weeks of the joeys coming OOP).
Posted By: Cathayvet

Re: Oops dad and daughter - 08/09/16 01:59 AM

Yes I am.a vet. I have the proper tools. I am a wimp when it comes tout my gliders. I have watched videos and it looks so easy. But I have an excellent vet in Metairie Louisiana...Dr Gregory Rich. But I am an hour away. I am planning to have him neutered next month when I am in town for big Heartworm Symposium.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Oops dad and daughter - 08/09/16 07:09 PM

You can take the little girl out now and then reintroduce her to mom and dad after he is neutered.
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