2 males 1 female?

Posted By: kailen

2 males 1 female? - 08/20/16 03:14 AM

i have a breeding pair that are about 1 1/2 years old and their 10 week oop male joey that im keeping. if i get both males fixed, if it possible to add another male thats not fixed to the picture without them fighting and killing each other?

please help!
need advise!
Posted By: Feather

Re: 2 males 1 female? - 08/20/16 02:39 PM

That I don't know, why not just fix the joey and keep your existing male to breed with?
Posted By: kailen

Re: 2 males 1 female? - 08/21/16 01:33 AM

thank you for the advise!!! i think im going to make 2 breeding pairs in 2 different cages instead of trying to make it all work out in 1 cage. smile
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: 2 males 1 female? - 09/07/16 01:35 PM

If I understand correctly, you want to neuter the current breeding male, then later ad an intact male?

If that is what you mean, then no. Even though the first "dad" would be neutered, he still knows what his "job" was. He most likely will not allow another intact male to take over his wife. That is asking for a world of problems in that cage. That is not something that I would ever suggest doing.

Instead, if you have lineage on your gliders, I'd leave them as a breeding pair unless there is a reason you don't want to breed them anymore. If that's the case, neuter dad and let them live together as a pet cage. Then look into finding another quality breeding cage.
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