Nesting Material...

Posted By: TwoDog

Nesting Material... - 10/25/16 07:31 AM

Hey all!
As you may have read...we are 4 now. Two mew Joeys appeared last night! :-)
My question is about the next box...or pouch...or shirt. I know it's got to need to be cleaned, but should I now treat the nesting materials differently? Or just keep with my normal swap and wash routine?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Nesting Material... - 10/25/16 02:31 PM

Just keep things normal. I would suggest unless it is stinking to high heavens right now, don't change anything until the joeys are a little older. Don't do anything to stress the parents. They have enough to deal with being new parents wink
Posted By: Feather

Re: Nesting Material... - 10/25/16 09:21 PM

I don't change pouches until the joeys have their eyes open. It is important to only have one pouch in the cage.

If you five them pieces of fleece in their pouch you can change the pouch and transfer the fleece pieces into the clean pouch once the joeys are two weeks old.
Posted By: TwoDog

Re: Nesting Material... - 10/28/16 08:35 AM

Thank you!
Making those changes now.

The crackdown is on. I can already tell they are angry, but it has to happen. No more unsupervised midnight parties. Whose half-chewed grapes are these under the bed?

I really have never kept their nesting stuff consistent--rather been letting them pick. If they liked a shirt or sweater of mine I would put it in the cage for them. Most times they would be found there, rather than their pouch.

I tried a little plastic birdhouse for a while--to see if they preferred a nesting box--but they shunned it.

They had been working on a secondary nest behind the couch. I had a wad of old blackout curtains down there that they really like. Found Justin down there with both joeys.
So everyone got moved back into the cage--but I did leave them one of the blackout curtains--now IN the cage with them.

But you are saying there should only be ONE choice for nesting sites in the cage, is that correct? One sleeping place. So they really shouldn't have the blackout curtain in there...?

I get the sense from them that Frisby knows what she is doing with this parenting thing--but Justin is clueless.

When I found their little camp spot, he just stared at me.
"Yeah hey Daddy-Tree...we are all down here the fluffy dark cloud place. What, man? I dunno. She just told me to sit here, and left them with me. I guess, I'm supposed to keep them warm? Should I rub them together or something?"

The cage is pretty boring. I need to dress it up a bit...

More later...thank you for the great info.
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Nesting Material... - 10/28/16 12:41 PM

I love your comments, :roflmao2:
Posted By: Feather

Re: Nesting Material... - 10/28/16 05:33 PM

When they have joeys just offer them one place to sleep such as a pouch or nest box with fleece in it.

That way they can't move on and leave the joeys or leave one of the joeys behind.
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