Mating Wound

Posted By: Rpsnow10

Mating Wound - 11/29/16 05:31 AM

Hi all,

I have a question. I could not find the answer in the other threads related to mating wounds, so I apologize in advance if it has been addressed.
I acquired a male and female earlier in the year. Took them to the vet for wellness checks, and found out my female was pregnant. I waited for the baby to be oop to have the male neutered, and lo and behold she was pregnant again! Long story short, I now have 4 sugar gliders, mamma, daddy, and two healthy sweet boys. They are the best little family. I have had daddy and the two babies neutered.
However, a month or two ago I noticed a mating wound on mama. It was pretty bad, so I took her to a vet, got it cleaned, put her on antibiotics etc and separated her from the boys. It healed nicely. I supervised her around the bunch for a couple of nights and didn't see any problems. I finally put her back in the cage with them, and the next day the wound was re-opened. I went back and got more antibiotics per my vet's suggestion, and separated her again. I have supervised them together now, and it seems the babies go straight for where the wound was. Should I assume they will never leave it alone? Am I going to have to keep her separate from her family indefinitely, or do I just need to give it a bunch of time and hope they forget it was there? I really appreciate all the experience here.
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Posted By: KarenE

Re: Mating Wound - 11/29/16 04:29 PM

So sad for mom.

It's possible IF you know for sure it is the boys causing the wound on mom, you will have to separate the youngsters from mom and dad for a while.

Although all males have been neutered now, the boys are still feeling their young oats and possibly being a little too rambunctious with mom. Maybe they are still trying to get those coveted piggy back rides and holding onto her neck with too much vigor dunno

Separation may be your only alternative. If that is what you decide, I would put dad with her. No need to punish her wink
Posted By: Rpsnow10

Re: Mating Wound - 11/29/16 08:12 PM

Thank you, Karen. That is what I was afraid of. I just tried to put daddy in with her for about an hour and came back catching him chewing it open again too. She is so sad without them all. She really misses cuddle time. I wish there was something I could cover it with short-term so she could cuddle for a few hours without more injury. I guess no one has invented that yet? The problem would be, you couldn't strap it around the neck, because that could be dangerous, and you don't want to put it around the gliding membrane either. Anything foul you put on it so they don't want to chew would end up digested anyway... sigh. So sad for her.

Posted By: BeckiT

Re: Mating Wound - 11/29/16 08:25 PM

When you are reintroducing them are you making sure the fur is completely back (covering the wound)? If not, that is one step to take. It may take a bit but if it's not completely healed they will just continue the perpetual cycle of opening it back up. If you haven't already invest in some vetericyn spray, it will really help the healing go by quicker wink
Posted By: Feather

Re: Mating Wound - 11/29/16 10:32 PM

Karen and BeckiT have it right. It is important not to put her back with any of them until all the hair is grown back. They notice something different and they pick at it.
Posted By: Rpsnow10

Re: Mating Wound - 11/30/16 03:12 AM

Thank you!!!! I think there was a little hair still missing. Must have been the problem. I appreciate the help!
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