Joey's born without tails

Posted By: MArgabrite

Joey's born without tails - 12/21/16 04:25 PM

Hi breeders,

I recently had a set of Joeys born this past summer and one of the Joeys was born without a tail. Has anyone else experienced this mishap along the way of their breeding ? Nubz is doing very good but just wondering if anyone has answers as to why this has happened or if anyone else a sugar baby born this way.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Joey's born without tails - 12/21/16 09:51 PM

I would say that momma did a bit of over grooming when they were in the pouch.

There have been joeys born without ears and tails. If it happens again you may want to neuter your male. Most breeders give them a second chance and if it happens again they will retire the breeding pair.
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