Baby to new does mom feel?

Posted By: Cathayvet

Baby to new does mom feel? - 01/14/17 11:46 PM

Mom , dad, baby 1 (7 months), and baby 2 ( OOP 11/1/16). All happy until today I just sent baby 2 to an excellent home that has a friend waiting for her. I feel so sad, I am a monster. What can I expect from mom? Any behavior changes? She was sleeping with baby 2 when I heartlessly tore them apart forever. For the best, personal changes in my life.. less time to spend with a Joey. I am definitely going to need a drink tonight.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Baby to new does mom feel? - 01/15/17 12:52 AM

She will get over it faster than the joey will. Mine are like, "finally, no more kid".
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