Intro to Pregnant Mother

Posted By: JazEmber

Intro to Pregnant Mother - 04/22/19 10:40 AM

Hi everyone, we're new to the forum but not as new to gliders. I had a question regarding a younger (10wk old) Joey being introduced to a pregnant mother.

We rehomed/adopted our first and she was 8 wks and then adopted her a cagemate. However it wasn't until they're vet check that we were told the older female was pregnant.

So we've done the toys/pouch swapping, they cage next to each other, intros have been done. Everything went very smoothly and they seem to enjoy each other alot.

My only concern is has anyone heard of experienced a younger Joey causing any accidental harm to the unpouched Joey's?
Would the younger ever try to nurse the pregnant mom and cause accidental harm?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Intro to Pregnant Mother - 04/22/19 01:31 PM

See this post.
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