Wild baby

Posted By: Jarryl

Wild baby - 12/04/19 05:19 AM

Hi recently one of my girls got pregnant. The babies came out great and I handled them as soon as they’re out of pouch and they are falling asleep on my hand. After a month of them being OOP and I went on a 2 weeks vacation and left my gliders(including the baby)with my friend as he himself owns gliders in the past.

After coming back from my vacation and getting my gliders back, one of the babies literally went crazy. He would bite repeatedly at me when I transfer him from his fleece cloth to my hand. Although when he calms down he would eventually fall asleep but this had never happened in the past. I confronted my friend regarding this issue and how did he handled my glider. He told me that one of the babies would constantly crab and would bite his hand if he were to catch him. Therefore he who flick his mouth to “show dominance”.

I was so devastated by that. It is on me that my baby had turned this way. Leaving them on the wrong hands. How can I solve this. He rarely eats and he hates his bonding pouch. Whenever I put him in the pouch he would always try to come out while us brother would just be sleeping in it. FYI I seperate them and therefore i would have no choice but to put him back with his parents and quit handling him. Help me guys !!
Posted By: Jarryl

Re: Wild baby - 12/04/19 06:04 AM

I’m at a tough position right now. I placed bum(the traumatised baby) back into the cage with his parents. As you all know I have 2 females and a male full grown glider currently in that cage. Unfortunately one of the female glider would Attack bum whenever he comes close to her pouch therefore it’s impossible to put all of them together. I tried removing the female that kept attacking bum to another cage but she looks so nervous and lonely and her cage is really small.

Instead I removed the two babies and placed the small cage right beside their parents. As they’re eating on their own and has fully weaned. But bum has been holding onto the grills of the cage and not sleeping in any pouches even during daytime. Hurts me seeing him like this. I’m so lost right now
Posted By: Feather

Re: Wild baby - 12/04/19 10:53 PM

You are going to have to start the bonding process over again with that joey. Carry him or her in a zippered bonding pouch during the day. Put multiple sleep areas in the cage so he does have his own place to sleep.

Take your time and go at his pace.
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