Leu/Cremeino Baby

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Leu/Cremeino Baby - 02/07/20 12:00 AM

Can I somehow send pics to someone who breeds leus and cremeinos? I’m on my phone and don’t think I can upload them here or I would.

This is my first set of babies from this breeding pair and I just wanna make sure this baby looks normal for hanging out of the pouch. It’s still REALLY pink and I’m used to dark colored babies that don’t look this way when they come out.
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Re: Leu/Cremeino Baby - 02/07/20 05:22 PM

You can post the pictures here using the file manager in the lower left hand corner when you are using the full editor.
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Re: Leu/Cremeino Baby - 02/07/20 06:32 PM

Okay, it should be added with this. She seems to be doing well for being a first time mom, I'm just in shock at the baby's color. There's a grey in there also, but I've only seen the tip of its tail. This baby is just hanging out every day when I get home from work.

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Re: Leu/Cremeino Baby - 02/09/20 05:09 PM

They need to fur up more, you probably have a lue and a lue or cremino het.
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Re: Leu/Cremeino Baby - 02/10/20 06:41 PM

Mom is a cremino, any hets? What's dad? That would help us to help you what your Joey's are going to me.

Based on that picture, at least on joey has black eyes & not red.
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Re: Leu/Cremeino Baby - 02/11/20 09:48 PM

Yes mom’s a cremeino, dads a Leu. Both 100% Leu het. Baby is a twin but the other is a grey. She keeps teasing me pulling them out and back in completely. None of my other moms have done that this early.
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Re: Leu/Cremeino Baby - 02/24/20 05:41 PM

Thanks to everyone who replied, I just wanna update!

We have 2 beautiful little girls, one leu and one white face. mlove

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Re: Leu/Cremeino Baby - 02/25/20 12:03 AM

mlove cuteness overload!!!!! :lshower:

Thanks for sharing!!!
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Re: Leu/Cremeino Baby - 02/25/20 05:15 PM

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