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Posted By: Jarryl

Missing joey - 02/26/20 08:12 AM

A few months ago I witness my boy mating with one of my female glider (Mini) for the first time. 2weeks ago I made a discovery on a peanut sized lump on both of my female gliders. Mini and miko being sisters had always been together since the day I got them and are inseparable.

Mini loved cuddling up to spark and they are always together most of the time. Miko on the other hand would do her very best to get away from him, or at least ignore him. I find it weird that why mini was the one who was mating with spark so how is it possible for miko to be carrying a Joey too?

Could miko have stolen one of mini’s joeys during the midst of crawling into mini’s pouch or did I just missed the magical moments between spark and miko?

I would tend to check on their pouchess every now and then especially during tent time. Just ytd I notice that miko womb is flat as though nothing happened... tragic but I get it that gliders are known for cannabilism. But could there be just a slight chance that the Disappering Joey in Miko’s pouch detach on miko nipples and reattach it back to mini’s nipple ?

Or could this just be a common case of cannablism?

P.S I read somewhere online that there’s an 79% chance of a glider to have a set of Joeys. so how are both of my females only having one glider each. Thank you so much for your time. I really hope both joeys are still alive
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Missing joey - 02/26/20 12:09 PM

It's really hard at this point to know what's happening with the joeys. There could be many reasons one of the joeys are missing.

So I'll give you a brief class on glider gestation to make sure you understand how this process works.
Once the embryo travels to the pouch it latches on to Mom's nipple. Their jaws lock at this point. If they ever let go or are pulled, they can't relatch.
Many things can happen to the Joey at this point.
Joeys have to be cleaned of excrement while they are attached many times a day. That's mom's job. One could have been accidentally pulled off during this process.
A Joey may have had issues and was deformed. Nature takes it's course.
A new mom may have been over cleaning in her pouch.
There are several other reasons as well. Age,Jealousy, diet, stress and choice.
It's normal for them to "clean up" after a Joey dies to keep the smell from attracting predators. Since they are still exotic and not domesticated, Instinct kicks in.
It's heart breaking sometimes. The only way to keep this from happening is to neuter the male. There may be "surprises" after that's done.

Please keep us posted and please don't feel bad. I'm not sure I explained it well, so please ask more questions.
Posted By: Jarryl

Re: Missing joey - 02/26/20 12:27 PM

Awww was hoping that there’s just a slim chance of the Joey being alive. Thanks for the clarification!
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Missing joey - 02/26/20 01:05 PM

Originally Posted by Jarryl
Awww was hoping that there’s just a slim chance of the Joey being alive. Thanks for the clarification!

Keep in mind she's young and inexperienced too.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Missing joey - 02/26/20 02:56 PM

Dawn covered it all.

The only thing I can ad is that trios are tough, you will experience them pulling each other joeys. I never recommend that someone put together a trio.
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