Critter Love® Has JOEYS!!!

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Critter Love® Has JOEYS!!! - 08/08/19 02:54 PM


Now available at Critter Love®

Stop in and find your new family member today. Don't forget, if you get two, you get a buddy discount!
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Re: Critter Love® Has JOEYS!!! - 08/14/19 05:04 PM

We still have some amazing joeys for sale!!
Currently moving back home to the great state of Texas!

Babies will be ready after Labor Day! Start your Autumn season out wonderfully with a new family member or two.
Discounts on pairs or gliders purchased with a starter cage set up kit.
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Re: Critter Love® Has JOEYS!!! - 09/03/19 10:22 PM

Add some joeys to your home and make your autumn full of fun!!
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Re: Critter Love® Has JOEYS!!! - 09/10/19 10:13 PM


We have an AWESOME deal for you. Its buy one get one HALF OFF when you purchase two sugar gliders from Critter Love® right now!!

Thats right, our FALL special if FALLING into HUGE SAVINGS!!

Not to mention prices have been CUT and now they are more affordable than ever before!!

Stop by and check out what we have. Have any questions, either inbox me here or email me from the contact page on our website.
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