Sugar Glider Pet Portraits

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Sugar Glider Pet Portraits - 12/31/18 04:03 PM

Hi guys, I'm new here.

I am a proud parent of two twin sisters Kiwi and Mango. we've had them a little over a year. They truly ARE our babies. Im a full time artist and illustrator. I recently did a couple of portraits on wood of our girls. Then did an art resin coating on them. It was a gift. I do other pet portraits too but someone suggested i post in these forums as there may be others interested in having it done. I do several different sizes and price points. Here are the portraits i painted of our beloved Kiwi and Mango as well as the sizes that i offer. They usually range from $60 to $300 depending on size and number of pets. hope you like. I look forward to spending more time in this group. If you have one you would like done just message me. Thanks guys. P.S. Im new here so if any of this is not allowed please let me know. I dont want to break the rules.

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Re: Sugar Glider Pet Portraits - 01/01/19 01:19 AM

Your work is beautiful! Oh! :welcomegc:

And, you posted in the right forum. You could introduce yourself up in Help I'm New.
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Re: Sugar Glider Pet Portraits - 01/01/19 11:42 AM

Thank you so much for the kind words.
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