Face masks??

Posted By: alice33

Face masks?? - 05/02/20 05:26 PM

Looking for glider-themed face masks. No, I don't want masks for my gliders. Just want to know if anyone is making masks for people who want to show off their glideritis. Help.
Posted By: theresaw

Re: Face masks?? - 05/03/20 02:57 AM

I'm waiting on my custom photo glider facemasks from a company called "Bags of Love". They're supposed to be here Monday!!
Posted By: mechnut450

Re: Face masks?? - 05/08/20 01:28 AM

wife has one she made on her etsy store...
along with other glider items
suburban sugar bakery
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Face masks?? - 01/17/21 04:32 PM

I found one person in Canada who makes them . I can contact her.
Posted By: theresaw

Re: Face masks?? - 01/19/21 03:26 AM

The Fox and Possum makes facemasks using your photo.
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