Our Nocturnal BFF

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Our Nocturnal BFF - 01/18/16 07:14 PM

I notice that maybe the same few people chime in on peoples questions etc... and I think it is cool that all of you seem to be really close, not to just each other, but devoted to your little glider friends as well as cater to their needs and the way they are. It is not always easy with nocturnal buddies. I know people including myself who had hamsters in the past but was never this devoted to their ways.
Stuarts diet, habits, and his being nocturnal is like having a baby. lol
My question, how many of you actually are so devoted to their sugies that you make sure you plan playtime, and bonding at night on THEIR schedule? What time? For how long? What activities do you do with them, and for how long do you carry them with you while they sleep in the day? For errands as well, or just in home?
Also my last question is, how many of you are men who have these wonderful creatures, and do the husbands of the devoted momma's here become involved in their lives and with GliderCentral at all?

Thanks was just very curious
sugiemom to Stuart :grey:
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Re: Our Nocturnal BFF - 01/18/16 08:43 PM

Interesting question. I would love to be one of the people who is always stepping forth with the good advice. But I don't know anything yet. :-)

For my own, I do plan around the animals. Or rather I am just starting to. We still have to find a rhythm. Animals are a way in which I connect with the world...much more reliable than humans. But currently I plan about everything around the dogs and the fish tank. The gliders are a step up--more responsibility, more discipline...and more rewards!.

I personally plan...once they are take them everywhere with me that I can. Just like the dogs--they want to be part of your world and they are explorative and experiential creatures. They want to see it all!

Currently I come home about 5:30 pm and try and get them onto my back or into a pouch for at least a couple of hours, before dinner and playtime. Then playtime goes until I fall asleep on them...usually about 9:30 pm.
After that I usually wake up about 4am and try and get some more interaction with them until they head to bed about 6am...then it's off to work.

Probably can't keep up this schedule indefinitely, but I want to really get this bond made strong--and these are slightly older gliders, so I want them to feel like they have really 'won the lotto' on Humans this time around.

I feel like I am in the minority as a male Glider-mom. Seems a lot more women here than men.
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Re: Our Nocturnal BFF - 01/18/16 08:56 PM

Well, I'm a man & since I live alone, I have no one to blame but myself for getting involved with my fuzzier & GC.

Unfortunately, my schedule is not so flexible & I have enough issues with sleep right now. Since they start waking up around 2100-ish, I tend to bring them in to the bathroom 1900-2000. It is easier to get them to interact with me if they're still a little groggy. Once I see them slow down & start looking for someplace to curl up, I offer them their pouch again. Normally they'll crawl back in & get a little more sleep before partying the night away in their cage. Some nights, once I put them back in their cage, they're off again.

When they're exploring their cage, I will sit near it & talk to them or read out loud. I hope they like fantasy & college text books, since that's what I've been subjecting them to until its my bed time.

I can't carry them during the day on work days & I don't get home much before play time many nights. On weekends, if I'll be home, I carry them around starting the mid afternoon until playtime. I'm not ready to take them outside yet, zippered or not.

Is that what you were looking for?
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Re: Our Nocturnal BFF - 01/18/16 09:53 PM

I would love to do more daytime bonding with suggies snoozing away in a bonding pouch, but they would rather come out and play than be zipped up in the pouch. Since they need their sleep, it's better for me to leave them in their cage. The only exceptions have been when we had other plans and couldn't make our normal night time bathroom sessions. Then I can usually get in some sleepy pouch time if I let them play first.

I have taken them on errands to stores, etc. The first time they were pretty wide eyed at all the new sounds and smells. Though they did fall asleep after I talked to them and gave them a piece of apple. Now they sleep through it all. Especially if they've had a chance to play a little first.

We started our nighttime bonding going off of their schedule, but with school and work schedules, we've had to adjust it a bit. They will sometimes go back to sleep when we're done, and sometimes they wake up before our usual time.

We tend to gauge the length of our bonding time on how they act. We can tell when they are ready to head back to their cage. We offer them the chance to climb back in the bonding pouch and they know it means a trip back to the cage. (We're hesitant to carry them on us from the bathroom to the cage since we have cats.) Holly is usually done first and will climb right in. Artemis will sometimes refuse and we'll let him play longer.

From the beginning we wanted them to be family pets. My husband was super involved with researching, buying supplies, and finding our little guys. We tried to involve the kids (13 and 10 years old) too. They helped plan, choose names (their names come from the Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer), and made toys. During the week, my husband and I do bathroom bonding and the kids alternate evenings with the suggies (and us) on the weekends and during school breaks.
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Re: Our Nocturnal BFF - 01/19/16 08:55 AM

I thank you for your answers, yes thats what I was asking. It is nice to see a couple of you guys really get involved. I guess I see things online and on news about so many creatures being abused and Glider Central has really made me see there are a lot of GREAT folks who truly care for their animals like I do. I am married but have only been a yr and a half and so before being alone was made better by my animal friends. My friends and hubby call me Dr Doolittle. I just connect with creatures. I am like Comradefluffy said the animals are a way for me to connect to the world. I really dont know what I would do without any of them. I have three dogs small ones, a bird and my glider Stuart.
I do the same with Stuart I come in at night at 2:00am and play till 3:30 that was a commitment that just happened but knew I would make time for him. Then when my hubby goes to work I get up for a few around 5:00am to say "goodnight" to Stuart as he is crashing. Around 12:30 I get him into his bonding pouch and he's with me till around 5:00pm, then sleeps till 7:00pm then back on me till 9:00pm. I am planning to do tent time soon.

Guys I commend you all for being responsible and realizing animals need our LOVE.

Thanks again for responding.
sugiemom to Stuart :grey:
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Re: Our Nocturnal BFF - 01/19/16 09:01 AM

PS was laughing about the gliders having to listen to readings of college textbooks and such, Stuart listens to me read him glider central and my Marlee Matlin book biography. LOL

sugiemom to Stuart :grey:
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Re: Our Nocturnal BFF - 01/20/16 03:29 PM

Lots of questions!

I knew of someone personally who became quite over whelmed when she learned I had gliders too. She had a single male who was not social. When she realized how much care they really required and she was not willing to put in that kind of effort, she gave him away. I wish I knew his fate but we are unable to take in a single at this time.

I have gliders for my hubby. He loves them very much. He is very attentive and gets them out of the cage more than I do. I do the cleaning and feeding, grooming, vet visits, and he plays with them, I watch and happen to be the extra tree they jump on. We are contractors and we travel the country in our 5th wheel. The girls really have two homes and do travel very well. We even take them with us on holidays like Christmas to visit family in Ohio. Since we are both bonded to them, they adapt rather quickly in new environments as long as they are right there with us. We have 14 grandkids and 12 of them have spent tent time with the girls. (Supervised of course).

Our work schedule could be days or nights, we don't necessarily stay on the glider schedule. But we do spend a lot of time with them. I have taken them shopping with me. They have learned to behave and stay quiet in public. I made a scarf that they snuggle in. Had a stranger come up to me and patted it. She wanted one just like it. Dot made a quick crab and I thought the lady was gonna come out of her skin. She had no questions, just walked away...
Hubby lurks on Glider central through my tablet, does research and so on, but doesn't talk. If he becomes concerned about a post, he lets me know. We talk alot about the stories and love to hear what others experience.
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Re: Our Nocturnal BFF - 01/23/16 10:10 AM

Thats AWESOME to have them cause your hubby likes them. So did he discover these wonderful little creatures and want them or did you discover them? This thought is leading me to a new question I feel it coming on. lol I wish my hubby would bond better but theres just not time, and I think Stuart intimidates him a bit. He likes him he is just so small and my hubbies voice tends to scare him esp when he talks baby talk to him as I do.

sugiemom to Stuart :grey:
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Re: Our Nocturnal BFF - 01/23/16 10:43 AM

I'm a glider hubby.
wife came home with a pocket pet. We started learning about them right way. I was convinced they came from mercury myself, or atleast mars. So as we learned our new gizmo needed a pal, 1 day later, we had to call the pocket pet guy back and get gizmo's cagemate, avoiding the quarantine and introductions. We dont do anything with pp again, learning of their half truths and outright lies.
My wife and I shop for the fruit and veggies together, we do bonding time together alot. We make up the salad together. We picked out the cage together, and I build it and she outfitted it with tons of stuff for the gliders.
we both went 3 hours together to get the girls so we have 4 gliders together. she is a better trainer/bonder. We both love our gliders. so for us its a joint pet program.
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Re: Our Nocturnal BFF - 01/24/16 08:26 AM

Totally Awesome

sugiemom to Stuart :grey:
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Re: Our Nocturnal BFF - 01/25/16 02:52 AM

The girls love my high soft voice and used to crab at hubby when he talked to them, but after time, they respond to his soft low tone. He is totally devoted to the babies and interacts well with him. We work together and our schedule is never the same. The girls aren't on a bonding schedule anymore. We spend morning coffee with them, and sometimes they choose to go to bed shortly after we get up. Sometimes they want more time and sometimes due to work schedule our time with them is very short. Sometimes they pout for a day or so, but a few extra treats and coaxing and all is good...

Fiona occsionally wants alone time for a few hours in the morning with us. She will curl up in a pocket and take a nap. Then she will go back into the cage to sleep with Dot. At first Dot wouldn't go to bed until Fiona came back to the cage. Now she knows Fiona will join her later so she chooses a sleeping pouch and waits patiently. If I want to take them with me for the day, all I have to do is put Fiona in the pouch and Dot will follow. She follows her scent.
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