Does anyone make custom fleece stuff?

Posted By: TwoDog

Does anyone make custom fleece stuff? - 02/20/16 09:42 PM

Need some pouches and such...
I don't know a thing about sewing.
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Re: Does anyone make custom fleece stuff? - 02/21/16 10:26 AM

Comrade Fluffy -What you can't sew? Anyone with these critters needs to know how to sew! LOL Just kidding, I can't either so I have to depend on ordering all my cage settings as well. I craft and am trying to learn to sew but the lady who started me trying is always busy. I really want to learn to make all my own things though.

I got a gift card to Joannes Fabrics for my Birthday and they have fleece ALL KINDS for 60% off till Wed :yes: so I am going to go pick up some cool designs so I can at least make Stuart some Fleece blanket squares. Also I may see about giving someone my custom fleece and have them make it for a fee. That is something to think about if you have fleece you wanna use. :gidea:

Stuart has two cage set ups one is a Watermellon design, and the other is an Ed Hardy skulls, but colorful blue, red, and yellow skulls. Will probably pick up something a tad more masculine for the little man, however he does have an option now between black and red design or a pink and white camo design fleece blankets and it seems that 98% of the time I find him with his pink and white camo. He takes all those up to his bed. dunno So maybe he has a feminine side he is exploring. Whatever the case may be, as long as he is happy and warm.

I just thought I might have another option that is just a tad more manly.

sugiemom to Stuart :grey:
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Re: Does anyone make custom fleece stuff? - 02/21/16 02:31 PM

Originally Posted By: Takaia
I do but only occasionally because I don't have a sewing machine so I do it when I visit my parents haha. Do you happen to like Dr. Who?

Those are like seriously way too AWESOME!!!

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Re: Does anyone make custom fleece stuff? - 02/21/16 08:03 PM

Fevy LOVES his princess pouch that Takaia made him. It's very soft and warm and excellent quality. He says "10/10, would snuggle in this again." I cannot sew but there are a few glider sites that have cool pouches for those of us who are not craftily talented. tounge I sometimes buy Fevy little fleece winter beanies as a back up, usually to stuff in those triangle shaped ferret teepee pouches that you can buy at most pet stores. They made for a nice winter pouch.
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Re: Does anyone make custom fleece stuff? - 02/21/16 08:35 PM

Many vendors will work with you on custom sets or accessories. Some will offer you to select fabric color/pattern choices and list pieces you like and will quote you a price, some will purchase your desired color/pattern or allow you to ship your choice from them.
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Re: Does anyone make custom fleece stuff? - 02/22/16 12:41 AM

You can also make no sew stuff for your gliders. Just make sure your knots are very tight.
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Re: Does anyone make custom fleece stuff? - 02/22/16 02:32 AM

Thanks for the replies all!

Yeah...can't sew a lick. Maybe I could set a patch onto a jacket or something, but that's about my limit.

I love the tardis...but I need something bigger. Very nice though!

I think I have it handled for now. Got some new sleeping pouches on the way big enough for my big hands.

Thanks everyone!
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Re: Does anyone make custom fleece stuff? - 02/22/16 02:47 AM

I like to get things from forum members when I can. Just feel it builds the community and all that. :-)
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