The Royal Family's First Appearance!

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The Royal Family's First Appearance! - 04/07/16 09:02 PM

Taking inspiration from the 'Gliders of the RoundTable' thread (wonderful and heart warming stories about those sweet gliders if you haven't read them already!) I decided to start my own thread about my new royal babies. <3 Please let me know if you enjoy them and I'll be sure to post more. I wanted to have a place of support where I could share the experience of bonding with my first pair of gliders and discuss their personalities, document research I'm doing with them and share in support and laughter with one another.

I am going to start fully researching their lives and will be documenting mannerisms, sounds (old and new alike), preferred foods, successful enrichment activities by trial and error as I think it's important for us to find ways to not just get enjoyment from our animals but also to better their lives and find out anything we can on what makes them truly happy.

I am going to start with the first night they came home last Saturday and each post will be followed by the next night's activities and results...please feel free to leave feedback and share your own stories in response or via PM. Thank you for reading in advance and I hope you enjoy getting a peek into the tiny lives of my precious babies~!

~SG Mama Faith~

"The Royals First Appearance"
Night one- Saturday 4/2/16

After months of waiting for my babies to be OOP long enough to come home, I finally made my way to the airport to pick up my little ones that flew all the way from AZ to NC! Fiance and I arrived at GBO airport and fortunately it took less then an hour to get them. When we got home I removed them from their carrier got their pink pouch out. I didn't hear anything so I assumed they were asleep. I texted my breeder to let her know they were safe and was told I could gently stir them awake to convince them to come out of the pouch. I shook it gently and out popped Gryffin! My brave boy stared at me his beady little eyes blinking a few times sniffing the air and then calmly turned to start exploring his huge new castle. Then I shook gently again. Nothing. Shook a little more and ah~ the loveliest glider sound known to mankind rang beautifully through the air caressing my was the sound of Raven CRABBING!!!!! :owell:

I gently let go of the pouch letting her be and after about five more seconds she quit. I left the room to give them some peace and quiet taking that lovely greeting as a cue for me to let them rest! Came in to peek at them since I couldn't sleep a wink and couldn't resist taking a look to see if they were up and about. Lo and behold, there were two sweet faces peeking at me from inside one of their hanging pouches!! I sat in the chair near them just talking softly and saying their names and letting them know mommy would never ever hurt them and they were finally home and I wanted them to know I was going to keep them safe and sound. Gryffin bravely came up to me a few times and sniffed near me. Raven kept her distance and watched. I instantly thought...she's going to be a little diva and boy was I right~! Though Raven's affection I tend to get really excited about because I think her trust is overall, harder to earn then Gryffin's.
I only spent about ten minutes in their room talking gently to my new little prince and princess and finally went to bed only to wake up to them later barking gently from their room. I wonder if they were calling for their new mommy or their old ones??



The royal prince and princess sure are lazy bones! I think they are on AZ time still at this point because they are late to rise and early to sleep. They are coming out to say hello around 8-9PM and asleep before dawn. It may also be because they're so young (born in January 2016). Gryffin came up to me and took a treat from my hand. He also let me pet him through the bars a couple times. Raven is still a little distant. She's looking at me like she's interested, chattering a little. She looks super interested in the yogies I keep presenting to her, trying to coax her over...Gryffin gave me a hilarious laugh. He got on his big wheel from atticworx, great wheel btw- and went to town every few minutes kept jumping back on. He would glide and glide some more then pause and let it go around and around wheeeee~!! He loves going upside down! Both paid attention to me and finally Raven came to my hand and took a yogie and held it in her little hand and ate it in front of me! YES!!! SUCCESS!!! mlove


Gryffin is the first to rise every night, the brave prince likes to protect his princess it seems~! He is coming to greet me right away now, letting me pet him through the bars and takes treats willingly with no jittery movements (no fear). Raven and Gryffin are both playing and jumping, exploring everything they both have their favorite spots. Gryffin's is by far the wheel and Raven's is a little hammock perch on the side of the cage with neon straws sticking out near her. They really love their hpw, fruit & veggie smoothies with gliderade, friendchip snacks and euc leaves! Especially though the favorite is yogies still! The most peculiar thing happened tonight. As Raven is still trying to see if she can trust me all the way...she came down and was drinking her gliderade smoothie drink and kept looking up every couple seconds. I think she was a little afraid to eat in peace so Gryffin totally picked this up when his "glider sense was tingling" and came over and was absolutely going all over the cage trying to distract me by getting me to watch him up high while Raven ate. When she was done he came down instantly and got back in his happy place (the wheel) and Raven happily climbed back up to one of her perches and groomed herself. I thought that was absolutely a show of the prince protecting his princess. It's official! Gryffin is so so brave and has never made a single sound at me and approaches me so willingly when I come forward to see him. Raven took a couple yogies from me tonight and finally let me pet her for a second through the cage. I think she's warming up to me ...slow but steady wins the race! :lshower: They haven't put anything in their pouches to store away for later...oh another funny tidbit...I hid some yogie treats in one of their hanging toys and Raven crawled in there and was eating one and making this little pop,pop happy sound and Gryffin looked suddenly from the bottom of the cage and Raven peered over at him, put her ears back a smidge and suddenly looked totally disinterested in the toy she was on and lazily started playing with the pom poms and once Gryffin went to his wheel she looked at him like "good, the coast is clear!" looked at me for a second of reassurance then went back to eating her yogie she had popped under a pom pom ball! Greedy little thing! They are so smart hahaha! :roflmao2:
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I feel so honored that my thread inspired you! I look forward to reading all about your nights with the Royal Family :D Keep it coming, please!
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Sweetheartsugs hey!
Welcome to the madness.
Love the gliderlogue! Sounds like you have some sweet babies there! Pics pics! :-)
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I have a lord. tounge He says hullo to your royal family and that he shares their fine taste in yoggies.
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Thank you all for the warm welcome towards me and my little ones~! smile @Hutch- I wrote a really long post the other day from the night before and when I clicked submit it all erased somehow! *Double D'oh!* So I had to calm down for a little bit before I returned lol...><! I'll do my best to keep you entertained. tounge

@ComradeFluffy- I happen to love being part of the fray. You have to be mad as a hatter to have gliders in the first place, right? wink

@Temulin- hahaha~! What a cute message. Indeed. Tell our dear Lord Feverstone that the little prince and princess also say merry meet and they express Lord Feverstone hath fine taste in food!
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Hello everyone~! Sorry it's been a few days since my last post. I've decided to start writing moving forward from the night before, the little ones have been so active and so much has happened I can't wait to tell you all the details~!

I was a bit focused getting the babies settled in and had some housework to finish over the weekend. I got through it by singing Disney songs and twirling around being my goofy, geeky self. The Weird Al song "White and Nerdy" totally applies to me in several ways. LOL!

Moving right along <3 Back to what you guys are here for! THE ROYAL FAMILY!

So to get everyone up to speed really fast, I'm going to give you a couple notes on Raven and Gryffin's individual progress thus far.

Raven- my pretty princess. She definitely doesn't like being stirred awake as she's resting. She prefers when I call out to her gently from outside the cage and she'll sometimes talk back gently with a little "roww/mmrm noise" and scoot around for a second before settling back down. If I take them out during the day and actually touch her from outside the pouch or open it up to let the light in a little she crabs for about 5-10 seconds until I say "it's just mommy, you're ok Raven" and she'll stop right away. Her voice is louder then Gryffin's. She is definitely like her mama (me) I love my beauty sleep. LOL! At night, she usually lets Gryffin scoot past her and come out to play first while she rests a while longer then at about 8-9pm Raven will finally do more then just poke her head out and will come all the way out to play. She then proceeds to grooming herself to make her fur "prim and proper". She does not really care for the wheel but enjoys the dangly toys and especially likes the new baby toy I hung in their cage last night. She was climbing all over it and exploring it happily. She did the cutest thing last night that really put a big smile on my face. She came down to the bottom of the cage and sat near me in her little "grooming corner" and proceeded to stretch out about a dozen times well finally she held on with her right hand then turned to the left and stretched her little left hand in a fist out in this adorable little stretch and I could practically hear this little sweet voice go "one-two!" then she turned the other way and did the same thing with the other hand!!! I started giggling and she looked at me like "what are you laughing at now weird giant furless creature?" Then I stuck my finger in the little space between the bars and she let me pet her head a bit before she hopped away to go exploring. She really likes the new smoothie mix I made which I'll tell you guys the recipe and you can see if your gliders like it! I'll include it at the end of this post.
It's great for joey's or adult gliders that don't eat much of their fruits and veggies. The little ones always lick up all of their fruit and veggie smoothie so in the end it saves money and more importantly, you can ensure your gliders are getting all the nutrition they need. She doesn't like anyone other then me because if anyone visits and tries to come into the room she hurries into her favorite sleeping pouch and hides. I'll try to soothe her and she'll poke her head out when I put my hand near but won't come out. Then once they leave I say "Raven, they're gone. It's just mommy now." and she'll peek and look around for a bit and then scurry back out to play. I guess it shows that she trusts me but I kinda feel bad for anyone that wants to get close and see them. She will take a treat through the bars from a couple people but that's rare. I can tell she's definitely grown a lot closer to me over the last few days. She's more on par with how Gryffin treats me now and will come to me much more happily then before. She is super greedy with yogis and doesn't care for dried fruit one bit. I tried giving her a piece of papaya but she turned up her nose. She does like fresh apple slices though and will actually munch on them. She really likes euc branches and will bring them from time to time into her pouch with her. I wonder how that could be comfy? LOL!

Gryffin- my prince charming~! <3 Gryffin is super attached to me and really tugs at my heartstrings every time I see him. He is always the first out of the pouch at night and even came out yesterday during the day when he heard me talking to him during a mid-day checkup. He practically flew to me and came right to the front of the cage wanting love and treats! He lets me put my hand in the pouch to pet him while they are sleeping during the day and will wake up and look at me peacefully then turn back over to sleep as I pet him. He wasn't so sure about the new horse toy I put in there. He stared at it for a while before looking at me and really giving me this intense stare. I'll admit it was a little unnerving because it felt like he was staring into my soul and I asked him out loud (as if he could respond) "what is it Gryffin? Why are you staring at me? Everything's ok. Look, I got you that new toy. Don't you like it? Go check it out my brave boy." and he stared for a second longer then went right over there like "ok mom!" and checked it out and started playing with it. LOL!!! Then later on that night I went back in there to check on them (I usually wake up and go in there probably around midnight to see how active they are) and they were being way more playful after I put a space heater near them with one button on and half-heat. We had a bad cold spell for a few days and they were being pretty lazy and Gryffin's nose was wet yesterday morning and he was shivering so I felt my mommy instincts tell me they were a little chilly and they were instantly better when I put that space heater in there. Last night they were both bouncing around and actually making an effort to glide from one side of the cage to the other. They like to wiggle their butts and use their tails like rudders. Oh, one last cute thing that Gryffin did that was precious- well two things actually- I put my hand in there yesterday when he first came out and he sat in his wheel and ate a yogi treat while he let me use my whole hand and pet him all over. Then the day before I forgot to mention I put my hand in the cage and both Raven and Gryffin let me put my hand under them and held on with three "feet". Gryffin was really cute because he even curled his tail around my finger. I thought that was precious~!!! <3 <3 <3 I'll be in there a bit longer tonight and will have a new story posted tomorrow about their royal antics~! I'm thinking of starting a blog with lots of pictures and writing as if it's them doing the talking. Would you guys like that???

Let me know! smile Oh, I got a cute picture of them that my breeder sent me the day before they shipped when they first were introduced and bonded to one another. Gryffin loves his little princess and Raven has a totally relaxed smile like she's so happy she found her prince charming~! To quote Princess Bride "TRUE WUVVVV!" Hahaha.

Here they are, I'll take more pics with my phone tonight.


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Love the latest updates! Your fuzzbutts sound like quite the pair. Your princess reminds me a little how my Arthur is; leaving the pouch when he feels like it, just sticking his head out to gaze upon his kingdom, hehehe.

Sadly, we cannot view your pictures. The link you used in one that leads to your hard disk. This site works better if you load them to a sharing site like photobucket then use the link they provide. Check this out.

I look forward to hearing more about the board's newest celebrities :pop:
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Alrighty, I joined flickr and this upload should work! I got some new pics of Gryffin last night and a really cute video of him on his wheel and getting pets from mama. I'll upload them tonight on my new blog and send you guys the link. <3


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This should work! Fingers crossed!
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Originally Posted By: sweetheartsugs

Alrighty, I joined flickr and this upload should work! I got some new pics of Gryffin last night and a really cute video of him on his wheel and getting pets from mama. I'll upload them tonight on my new blog and send you guys the link. <3



To get an image to display on here you used the right code, the [img] code, but that link has to end in a valid file format, like .jpg or .gif, yours doest.

I found this link for your pic by right clicking on it and finding the code that ended in .jpg

And here is it in the [img] brackets:

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Yay!! Thank you very much Phil~! &#9825;
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Awww, aren't they cuties! Err... I mean *ahem* Your royal balls of fluff are very regal. :D
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flikr page

Go to this image of Gryffin on flikr then click Faith Bounds and you'll be able to see some of the other ones I put up.

I'll be posting last night's activities soon. Gryffin climbed on me for the first time after a break out from the cage~! &#9825;
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Howdy again! Just wanted to check in & see how your royal fuzzbutts are doing.
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