Facial Expressions...

Posted By: TwoDog

Facial Expressions... - 04/12/16 05:52 PM

Am I imagining this? Even the shape of the eye appears to change...

Yes, we'll have the meal worm #4 Combo please...

I will END you, human!
Posted By: Terry

Re: Facial Expressions... - 04/12/16 06:28 PM

:rofl2: What did you say?
Posted By: sweetheartsugs

Re: Facial Expressions... - 04/12/16 07:17 PM

Lmao!!!!!! Mine def have different expressions too!! I needed this laugh today thank you. ♡
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Facial Expressions... - 04/12/16 08:28 PM


You're too much, Dave!! Thanks, I could use that laugh!
Posted By: Temulin

Re: Facial Expressions... - 04/14/16 09:41 PM

He looks like you called him fat. :O

People say Fevy has no expression, but I strongly disagree:

Posted By: TwoDog

Re: Facial Expressions... - 04/15/16 08:21 AM

Precious. I could only hope to catch that. :-)
Fevy makes me jealous.
Thanks for sharing!
Posted By: Temulin

Re: Facial Expressions... - 04/16/16 06:05 PM

Nyawww Fevy enjoys seeing pictures of your babies.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Facial Expressions... - 04/18/16 02:13 PM

They definitely have expressions and personalities to match. Each one is uniquely different.
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