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RECALL!!! - 05/04/16 04:25 PM


As a precautionary step, we are alerting all of our followers that make our frozen salads to please check the link provided to make sure you do not use one of the brands listed in the recall list. This list is LONG.

The best way to make certain your animals (and families in this case) remain healthy is to make sure you do not have one of brands associated with the recall that came out on May 2nd, 2016.

You need to keep your eyes open for loose stools/diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, lack or appetite. If these signs appear in your animals, please seek veterinarian attention.
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Re: RECALL!!! - 05/04/16 05:04 PM

That is quite a list. Thanks so much for the post, Peggy.
Posted By: Hamby360

Re: RECALL!!! - 05/05/16 04:38 PM

Yikes!! Thank you for posting this!! While I don't know 99% of the brands listed I DO know the walmart brand and sometimes buy it when I'm already at walmart getting baby stuff anyway.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: RECALL!!! - 05/06/16 02:10 PM

Oh my.... That list is huge! Ironically, the refrigerator went out in the camper 2 weeks ago, and we are living with a cooler. I had to throw out all the frozen vegs, so I now feel good about that.

I made the girls salad mix 4 weeks ago, and it is at home. Since we travel home on weekends, I just grab a batch for the week and let it thaw in the cooler when we get back to the camper. My girls are doing fine, so it seems we dodged that bullet!
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