Picture time!

Posted By: Nstromo

Picture time! - 07/13/16 07:47 PM

Just one. Delta doesn't care for the camera, so while we're bonding, pics are scarce. And I didn't get the heavy lidded look I was trying to catch because my phone got his attention, but I was so delighted that he was dozing off on me outside the shirt for the first time! I want to bra train him, though. Right now he seems to be a side-saddle kinda guy. He loves that spot. But I can't see him or move my arms freely. But for now he's my little holster boy.

Posted By: Terry

Re: Picture time! - 07/13/16 08:40 PM

Awe, he feels protected in that spot I guess. I could never get any of mine into my bra, but then maybe that's a good thing. I couldn't fit more than one in there, and I'd feel bad leaving the others out.
Posted By: HoneyChild

Re: Picture time! - 07/13/16 11:08 PM

Cute pic of your baby, Delta! Love it mlove
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