The new life...with gliders.

Posted By: TwoDog

The new life...with gliders. - 10/13/16 12:00 PM

Hey all. It's 5:30am out here in the middle of the New Mexico badlands.
Recently I hit the RESET button on my life, leaving behind a 25 year computer geek career for living in a camper and Treasure Hunting around America. Ultimate Fail, or Dream Come True? Vote is till out.

Been trying to settle into this new life on the road, and it's been spiced up with some surprising challenges. Internet is like gold out here, so I have to manage my data consumption. Heat has also been an issue--but that is getting better. (many thanks to LadyMac and others for their advice in this dept.)

Going under the name TwoDog Adventures, the cast and crew include, Myself, the dogs and the suggies. Soon to be more suggies, it looks like. Frisby has been getting bigger every day! Hoping to see a little tail or foot poking out soon.

I'm still throwing stuff out from the move into the camper.
We did find a way to arrange the place so we could keep the good cage. The suggies now figure prominently in the main room decor--and as such, the main room has become our temp zone bunker area as well.
Let see if this [censored] portable hot spot will met me post a pic.

You guys will probably be hearing more from me going forward...provided that the Great Verizon remains pleased with me, and accepts my sacrifices. :-)

It's good to be back in the Glider community. Thanks for looking all!
Posted By: KarenE

Re: The new life...with gliders. - 10/13/16 02:52 PM

Everyone sure looks comfy cool That is a pretty nice camper for sure :thumb2: Looks like there is plenty of room for everyone. Lots of adventures ahead we want to hear about.
Posted By: Terry

Re: The new life...with gliders. - 10/14/16 12:39 AM

Nice setup there!

Are you on your way to the Superstition Mountains by any chance? If so, I do not recommend it, many have lost their lives looking for the treasure of the Lost Dutchman.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: The new life...with gliders. - 10/14/16 12:33 PM

You are welcome! Since we can't really choose where we end up, we have had to learn change(test, try anything) when it comes to RVing.

I have learned that when in northern Missouri, and they say frost warning overnight, don't step outside without checking EVERY step... I had a brief moment where you wonder, "should I fall... or try to catch myself?"... I did the latter and it turned out fine. Just a bit of leg strain... But I walked it out.

Nice diggs by the way!

As you already know the nice thing about traveling is when you get tired of the scenery, move...

Keep us posted on all your fun!
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