a few new pictures!

Posted By: MelissaVoicer

a few new pictures! - 11/07/16 04:36 PM

Here are a few new pictures of Gallifrey and Pikachu! Anyone who wants to label their colors is welcome to! I'm "THINKING" platinum white-faced, ring tailed mosaic on Gallifrey and standard ring-tailed white face on Pikachu???

Posted By: Hutch

Re: a few new pictures! - 11/08/16 10:53 AM

Again, I hope someone else chimes in who's more experienced, but...

In these pics Gallifrey doesn't appear platinum to me. My Arthur is plat and he has only very faint colorations. I agree with the white-faced blond (WFB), though. His face looks like my Gwynevere. I'm not seeing rings on him, maybe just a white-tipped (seen advertised)? So maybe just a white-tipped WFB?

As far as Pikachu, in the pics it is hard for me to tell, but I agree with the ring-tail... not sure of the mosaic or WFB.

Again, please, someone with more breeding/variety speak up. I'm mainly spit-balling from my four & what I've seen labeled on-line.
Posted By: MelissaVoicer

Re: a few new pictures! - 11/08/16 01:08 PM

Thanks hutch. I actually saw the white tipped descriptor (as opposed to ringtail) after I wrote this. I agree.
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