Treat Echange...Ewwwww! :-(

Posted By: TwoDog

Treat Echange...Ewwwww! :-( - 12/18/16 02:18 PM

I think I might have figured out why my dogs and my gliders are such good buddies. Not sure I like it though...

When the gliders eat chicken they throw the spitlings out onto the floor. Just big enough to attract the dogs...
"HEY! HEYHEYHEY! This little white-furred person is throwing us chicken! YAY!YAY!YAY!"

And when the dogs obsess and hover over the gliders...
The gliders are harvesting DOG DROOL like it's ambrosia from the gods! (eeeewwwwww!) Frisby is actually returning to the cage WET with dog drool.

I guess I will just try and look away... :-(

Is dog drool bad for gliders?
Posted By: Feather

Re: Treat Echange...Ewwwww! :-( - 12/18/16 04:36 PM

You might want to keep him from getting too wet.

The dogs love their little buddies, the way to a dogs heart is through the tummy.
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