Reputable Rescues?

Posted By: Zoomom31

Reputable Rescues? - 08/12/17 09:11 AM

Hello, all ...
I am seeking information on a rescue, a legitimate 501C organization to donate bedding to. I used to know of one, but have lost the contact information and can't seem to find anything out on my own.
If anyone knows of a good, dedicated rescue that could use some extra goodies, please post their contact info for me. Thanks so much in advance!!
IF I have posted this in the wrong place, please excuse me!! I had no idea where to do it.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Reputable Rescues? - 08/13/17 03:56 PM

Arizona Sugar Glider Rescue

That is the only one I know for sure has the 501(c)(3) non profit designation, however, there are some others that are legitimate rescuers.

Are you wanting to only donate to the 501 for tax deduction purposes?
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