One Year

Posted By: Stef333

One Year - 10/14/17 02:16 PM

Today is the one-year anniversary of bringing home my two sweet little joeys.

I remember the day well, standing in a crowded hotel corridor for hours, waiting with great anticipation surrounded by everyone else who was just as excited as me. Eventually I got into the adoption room and was handed a crabby squirming churning bag full of fearful glider tantrum. I cupped the squirrelly beasties through the bag, put it around my neck, and sang quietly to them for the two-hours it took to drive home and welcome them into their cage.

Their personalities were obvious from that first evening - Yoda was eager to know me and explore his new world, while Winky (Jabberwinky, named for her fierce temper) froze in a defensive crouch in the corner and stared at me in unblinking terror. It's been a long road learning to trust each other, but we're all a happy family by now.

I joined Glider Central about a month after the adoption. I needed reliable information and a healthy community that wasn't drama-centric like many others I had found online. I found you amazing group of people, so knowledgeable and welcoming, and so eager to share your passion for these incredible little beings. (Thank you for being part of this journey with me!)

These little critters and GC have changed my life. Admittedly, I was in the midst of major life changes anyway, but adopting gliders took me in a direction that I never imagined.

When the inspiration struck for me to leave my condo and move into an RV with my critters, things got really interesting. That is when the infamous TwoDog entered my life - yes, the same TwoDog of Sugar Squadron fame that you know and love. He touched my heart, swept me off my feet, and became my partner in a new adventure that I never would have embarked upon on my own.

Not that long ago I lived alone in a little box. No partner, no pets, just me and four walls. I feared that my heart had grown cold. Now my life is filled with love and furry cuteness, literally bouncing off the walls.

From just me and the houseplants, to me and one man, two dogs, and a combined total of six gliders. For now. He wants more. How am I supposed to say no to that? smile
Posted By: Terry

Re: One Year - 10/14/17 03:03 PM

Happy Anniversary!!
Posted By: KarenE

Re: One Year - 10/14/17 03:54 PM

Happy Anniversary

You have been Blessed for sure, and we have been Blessed to have been a part of your fantastic journey.

Here's to the next wonderful year agree
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: One Year - 10/14/17 07:18 PM

Happy 1st Anniversary!!!! I have enjoyed reading your stories and sharing experiences!

:bday3: :party2: clap
^ see? 1 candle smile
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