Southern Migration

Posted By: Stef333

Southern Migration - 11/04/17 03:19 PM

Hi All! Thought I'd give you a quick update since you haven't heard from TwoDog or me in a while.

We have just completed a week of driving our two big RVs from the Seattle area to southern California en route to Arizona for the winter. Our gliders were cooped up for most of that time, since we didn't want to let them out to free roam with the rigs in "travel mode".

Now that we're stopped for at least a few days before moving on to our final destination, the kids get to come out and play! Winky and Yoda were so happy to be out of the cage this morning, and spent most of the time on my hands and arms instead of bouncing around like usual. (I think they missed me!)

They also seemed desperate for treats, even though they ate well from their nectar and salad over night. So instead of feeding them little nibbles one by one like I usually do, I let them each stick their face in the treat jar. Yoda grabbed a handful and sat on my hand to happily munch away, but Winky was determined to eat her way to the bottom and would NOT let go of the jar. I had to pry her little fingers off while lifting her body away to separate her from the jar!

TwoDog's gliders (aka Sugar Squadron) are obviously happy to be out and about as well, and then curl up in his hoodie to be close to Daddy Tree. But of course, I'll let TwoDog share his own stories. smile
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Southern Migration - 11/04/17 03:30 PM

Good to hear from you and know all is well with the traveling Duo.

So where in Arizona do you plan to eventually land? I hear Prescott is a pretty nice place, and I happen to know a very nice couple there. He used to own gliders and was a member here. Huge animal lover.

Your description of Winky with the treat jar was priceless. I can picture that very clearly.

Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Southern Migration - 11/04/17 04:23 PM

I thinking about you guys last night. I figured you were traveling since we haven't heard from you.

Safe travels and keep us posted on your trip!
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Southern Migration - 11/04/17 06:44 PM

It has been too quiet for too long from you two. Glad to hear all is well.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Southern Migration - 11/04/17 11:35 PM

Ditto! I'm glad to hear all is well!

AZ is fabulous!!! Especially in the winter, I miss it dearly. I lived in AJ with view of the gorgeous Supes, my fav mountain range! Miss that view as well!

Safe travels as you carry-on!
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