still around all 10 of us

Posted By: mechnut450

still around all 10 of us - 03/15/21 01:01 PM

Sorry work been crazy between everything. We all still around. spent more time working and trying to keep up than enjoying selves. I still spoiling and caring for the kids. trying to keep up with all the demands on us and the joys of health issues lol,I managed not to increase the number of masters for a long term lol. We watch a friend glider for a few months and she happy to have them back. Then we had a friend visit with her 7 gliders for a weekend since the annual MEG was cancel due to the (reptile show center still being used as a makeshift hospital for covid,) We went to a different show and purchased supplies lol. Now we got the fun part of the year to try and do all the normal weekly stuff and start prepping for spring and summer.( plus start to stock up for the supplies needed for the SGGA this year so Suburban sugar can do vending. ( working on camera set up encase we want to do the video spacing like last year. )
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