I Might Get To Foster!!!

Posted By: Ladymagyver

I Might Get To Foster!!! - 04/04/22 11:32 PM

Hidy Ho! Everbody!!!

It's been a long time for me to post!!! But I'm excited!!!!! ( I hope! )

I may become a first time foster parent to some rescue gliders!!!

I'm excited!!!!

It's called Operation: Face Hug! A huge rescue going on in Texas, and I volunteered to foster a colony of 4 maybe. I'll know later this week for sure, and will schedule to pick them up Saturday 3.5 hours from home!

I wanted to document everything for my future book (that I'll probably never put to paper( shakehead wink :hit: )

I will be needing some guidance i think, but I'm excited!!!

Stay tuned on this glider channel for my prepping and checklist!!!
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Re: I Might Get To Foster!!! - 04/05/22 09:59 PM

I'm here if you need me.
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Re: I Might Get To Foster!!! - 04/12/22 04:08 AM

I tried to type this a few days ago, fat fingered and lost it, so I'll try again...

A lot has happened!!! jump mlove

We drove almost 4 hours to pick up our foster pair. The male is freshly neutered and the girl has a baby bump! I'm not sure if I want jump up and down with excitement, or cry... So I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for what is best.

Both gliders have cracked fur, yellow discoloration, the male's scent glands on his chst and top of head are very apparent, and whew! They stink! Feather tells me it's probably the male and testosterone and the smell should fade soon. Only a couple of days and they almost smell normal! Time to swap for clean pouches.

On first good look at them, they seem physically in good health. All limbs work and no swelling anywhere. (Other than joey bump!) Male has a few scars around his nose probably from the cage he was in. I figure he was fighting with a fellow neighbor, or trying to reach food.

The male is very crabby and lunges in and out of his pouch. He seems physically ok, just doesn't trust humans (probably due to recent neuter). Both are a bit anxious still, but have learned to run in the wheel.

I currently have them in a PP starter cage for observation, but I'm thinking over the next few days putting them in a larger cage. The pair seem to get along except when it's bedtime. Them male won't let the female sleep with him, so I've provided a second pouch.

No names yet. I'm trying to let them get used to their new environment before I start to interact more with them.

I'll try to keep you posted on up dates!
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Re: I Might Get To Foster!!! - 04/13/22 12:34 AM

They will settle down. Just give them time.
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Re: I Might Get To Foster!!! - 04/13/22 01:02 PM

Yesturday morning, I decided to put the fosters in a larger cage. They seemto be stressed at night and both were circling the ceiling a lot.

When I was looking for the female, (they've been sleeping separately) i found her with the male! So I put the in a travel cage while I transitioned everything. To the bigger cage.

I moved the wheel, took out their dinner from last night, changed their kibble out. Gave them 2 clean water silos. I added a treadmill and a fleece bridge. I moved them back in with a few crabs from the Male and they went back to sleep.

Last night, I put dinner in about 7:30, and they were up at 9pm. I peeked in on them and the female ( ugh, I have to give them names!) Was running on the wheel while Dad was marking every inch of the cage. They were a bit confused about the tread mill, and momma stayed on the floor of the cage a lot.

About an hour later, she was barking... I let her bark for a bit and when she stopped, I went to check on them. SHE WAS CLEANING her POUCH!!!!! In the semi dark, I found her on the floor of the cage near the front and thought I saw a joey being stuffed back in!!!! I wanted to squeal with delight!!! But kept my composure as much as possible! (EEEK!)

So then she jumped up on the cage and I saw a tiny curl of a tail slip back in!!!!! (EEEK!) I gave her a yogi because that's how I've coaxed her to come to me and mommies have cravings too!!!

I knew she had a bump, but to get a glimpse of the joey was quite a bonus!!!! So once she ate her treat, she was off to the wheel... It was all I could do to keep from running to hubby and tell him what I saw. At my age one should walk so we don't trip and break something in the dark... He was surprised to hear the news!
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Re: I Might Get To Foster!!! - 04/15/22 10:49 PM

Quick update:

Moving to the bigger cage helped with their stress. clap

I took the treadmill out after 1 night. The female seems to want to hang out on the floor, so momma won. I also made a different pouch with Feather's guidance (It was her idea, and I decided to go with it.).

It's a square bucket pouch with 5" sides. It hangs on 4 tabs instead of two so it is completely open. The back of the pouch i hooked on the the back of the cage with C-Linksand i cut 2- 15" lengths of 3mm chain to hook on to the front loops. I set it up this way so A: I could observe the goings on in the pouch without disturbing them (and) B: to give the male an open environment feel so he can see the room. I think it's still tall enough to keep future joey from falling very far.

This particular cage has built in shelves (a Martin's cage), and the new pouch rests slightly on it. There is enough space for joey when he's ready to climb out.

I also put their dishes on the floor instead of on that shelf.

All is well so far and momma likes the fact that the pouch is closer to the floor and the floor of the cage is free of the treadmill. The male was reluctant about the pouch at first because he can't hide anymore, but he doesn't crab anymore. So everyone wins!!!

Thank you Feather for the great advise! heart

Next: clipping nails!!! ohwell
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Re: I Might Get To Foster!!! - 05/29/22 05:29 PM

Update!!!! jump

So there hasn't been much to write about till now.....

I've named the fosters "Pete and Binkie". I came up with these names from years ago. They were good friends of my Dad.

So, about 4 days ago, joey is oop!!!!! I am on top of the world and on cloud9 mlove

I've read of other OFH adoptees who had lost their joeys, and I think it's been due to health of the parents as well as stress and too much excitement over having joeys for the first time. So I'm trying to play it cool.. But oh WOW!!! heart

I want to snatch joey and hug him/ her so bad!!!!! :tant2: Patience isn't really my thing, but I want to see this little guy/girl. I don't know sex yet either.

Mom and Dad are great parents!!! But Pete is a crabber. I've clipped his nails and he doesn't care to be handled. We haven't started bonding due to joey, but their weaknesses is mealworms, and we have spent a lot of time with them that way.

Joey's eyes aren't open best that I can tell. I do have pics, and I hope I can post links in the next few days, but I gotta go for now.

Stay tuned...

cloud9 mlove dance :ghug: I'm super stoked over this event!!!!!
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